Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 136

This weekend was so much fun. I had my first official date for the year with Dimeji, and it was a double date with his Brother, Kolapo and the girl he’s considering. He’s really serious about her, compared to other girls that have been flocking him.

After we were done with our movie, we decided to eat out somewhere, and about an hour later, Kolapo asked us to switch dates, and separate tables. Since I’m trying not to let go of the festive spirit, I decided it was a great idea, and was down for it all the way.

It’s being a while since I had guiltless flirtations with another guy, so I was very glad when Kolapo and I got together, and I started.

“How come you so much finer than your brother? It’s just not fair.” I faked a serious disappointment.
“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter because he got the girl first anyway.”

Oh this guy sure knew how to play along.

“That’s not what people would think, by the time you are walking anywhere with your girlfriend. No one cares who started first, all they care about is a fine face.”

“Well… in the end, that’s not what counts.”

“It counts to me o.” I protested


It was obvious I was beating him at this flirting came.

“Plus you know you and I would look good together.” I took the conversation to another level. “At least, for Instagram sake. My nice natural hair with your well-sculpted afro.”

Kolapo burst into uncontrollable laughter, which even drew the attention of Dimeji and his own date. I’m sure he must have been jealous that I was having all the fun.

“I’m serious. If only we could convince Dimeji to also wear an afro.”

“That one?” His brother asked. “I don’t see him going down that path.”

“After all he has learnt from me? He better go down.”

“And who is going down? Me?”

I turned to my side, and see that Dimeji was there, listening to me.

“Babe, please can you leave us to our date, and face your work.”

“Have fun then. Just remember you are living on borrowed time.” Dimeji said before turning back to Kolapo’s girl.

“Don’t sweat it. I got the hair, he got the girl. So it’s a win-win. Kolapo continued, in the direction of the conversation.


“Plus it doesn’t make sense for him to start growing an afro, since he’s going bald.”

“He’s going bald?” I screamed in shock.

That brought Dimeji to our table in a nanosecond.

“You are going bald?” I turned to ask him.

“What are you talking about? I'm going bald?"

The whole scene was like this.

community OMG

"I am not going bald.” Dimeji protested in ignorance.

His brother turned to him, confused. “But guy, you are going bald na? You didn’t know?”

“Is this a joke? I am not going bald.” He said again.

“Bro, your hair was very very full when we were younger, but now it’s not as full as it used to be. Your hair density is reducing at a very slow rate, which is possibly why you are not noticing. Though yours is coming really slowly, but you are definitely balding.”

Dimeji was just looking at Kolapo, speechless.

“Guy, sorry o. I actually thought you knew.”

Lord knows I should have been rubbing his head more. Maybe I’d have noticed.

And that’s the story of how I, Anna, a lady who really loves hair is most probably going to end up marrying a bald man.


  1. You with all your hair will balance his future no hair situation out. Its a cute imagery nonetheless :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ehmmm, I hope you know the person experiencing it id not finding it funny, like you ooo.

  3. Hehehehe! Poor you. Poor Dimeji, imagine finding that out so suddenly. Let's hope it's just a little thinning and not actual balding

  4. Hahaha hahaha hah my tummy oo.Poor Dolanog. Abeg apply coconut oil on his bald head

    1. To do what? Make it shine for the whole world to notice his conditione?

  5. hahaha! omgggg reminds me of the day i commented to my fiance and told him he looked like he was going bald. Thats the day i learnt its more like a taboo to say this sensitive thing to their face like that.

    1. Wow! Taboo? I never knew o. Obviously, Anna and Kolapo don't know too. Now that I know, I would be sure to watch my mouth if I ever fall in that category.

  6. Hahahaha! I agree with Ashake. Coconut oil solve all your life problems :D

  7. Guys and hair. He can easily shave it off if it becomes worse.

  8. Jbco to the rescue Anna... lmbo..
    If that doesn't work, trichologist appointment should suffice.

  9. Lol... Use Onion juice.. Hahahah


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