Let's Moisturise: Week 4 Update

Hello People,

How have you been? It's been 3 weeks since we started the challenge and I touched base with the people that indicated interest and the questions I asked were;

What are your challenges?
What is working for you?
Do you have any questions?

Here's what they had to say:


"It's been great for me. Not really challenging because I have been moisturising regularly before joining this challenge.

My only challenge is that I have been in a lot of weavings lately (no attachment), and a lot of the moisture goes directly on my scalp while moisturing the hair. Since there are other things in the spritz (it causes faster build up on my scalp). So I need for fins a way to moisturise the hair well without interfering too much with the scalp. This would have been easier with two strand twists"


"Yes, update. Hmmmmmmm... well I just noticed there is less shedding and I noticed my hair is less dry and frizzy unlike before. My challenge is I sometimes forget to moisturise in the night but I have been consistent with my morning routine"


"So far so good my hair has been thriving(even when I forget to moisturize or sleep with a satin scarf). My routine is still the same except that I now deep condition every week. Detangling has been a lot easier. Peep my twist"

How is the harmattan treating your hair? I am sure almost everyone has gone to do a protective style or not. Please let us know, how moisturising has been this season? Any challenges? What is working for you? 


  1. I desperately need a protective style but no time :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Me, I'm too lazy to do a protective style right now. Ebeano burnt down and I can't go and look for extensions. The good part is, no humidity to mess with my styles so I've been having fun. My hair gets dry but I can deal

    1. You can get someone to help you.You don't need to use extensions

  3. Ashake is the main beneficiary of this challenge, lol.

  4. Since it is harmattan season I been moisturising and sealing but making sure to wear my satin scarf anytime I am at home to keep my hair moisturised for longer.



  5. Hmm! Am supposed to be in this challenge but unfortunately couldn't send pics because of my long term protective styles.

  6. Yo!The harmattan is real and my hair is suffering from it. I moisture 2-3 daily now and seal with the oils in my applicator bottle to prevent build-up. Plus, I'm staying away from my protein DCs and using more of my moisturizing DCs.

    I plan to install a protective style before the end of the year towards January.

  7. The harmattan is on point, by point its doing a number on my hair. Cantu leave in and shea butter to the rescue.

  8. Ashake your twist is on point. You are moisture are best friends now.


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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