Festive Hair : 1 Style, 3 ways

Hi Ladies!

Hope you are enjoying the festive season.

Here is a simple protective style that can be varied in three ways. It's best for this busy time of the year when there will be many get-togethers, and time spent away from home.

Extensions: Xpression for the cornrows and Outre soft dread for the front bang. The soft dread was fixed on like crochet wig style in the front. You can also opt out of using the extensions for your cornrows.

Maintenance: oil your lines every two to three days. Use a moisturising spray to keep your hair moisturised. As always, satin scarf at night. Oil and massage your edges daily to keep them tip-top.

Style 1| Original bang

Style 2| Tucked bang
 Just swoop the extensions to the side and use a bobby pin to secure

Style 3 |The Pompadour
For the more adventurous: the pompadour. Pull it to the top and back. Secure with a bobby pin.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice styles,I especially love the second.

  2. Happy holiday to you too.Beautiful style!

  3. smart!!! I love the tucked in bang and the pompadour..

  4. Really nice. Would look very good with those kinky extensions?


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