Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 134

Christmas was great for me. I spent it with the whole of my family, including my sister, her husband, and her two kids, the loves of my life. It was great fun.

This harmattan has been causing my hair to gulp water and leave-in conditioner in bulk. I have been moisturising very regularly. Ever since I took down my thread, my hair has been in twists. I did it deliberately so that moisturising could be easy this season.

At first, they were in updo, and constantly felt like extremely dehydrated sponge every two hours, after drying out. The change in hairstyle ensured that the moisture got to every part of my hair, thereby reducing the risk of breakage. I’m sounding so intellectual at the moment.

When Boma came to our house with my sister for the Christmas celebration, her hair was in the usual giant bun that made her face look so cute. In the process of admiring it, I touched it, and it was extremely dry, which wasn’t surprising.

“Oh my gosh, Boma. Your hair is so dry.” I exclaimed.

She looked at me like I was speaking gibberish. So I turned to my sister. “Why is Boma’s hair so dry?”

“I guess it’s the harmattan.” She shrugged, replying nonchalantly. “Even my hair is dry. Do you want to feel it?”

“Yeah, of course, it is harmattan. But it just means you haven’t been moisturisng.”

“Madam Anna, the natural hair expert, I have been moisturising Boma’s hair.” She eyed me, walked away and went to sit by her husband on the couch.

“You have to double the moisture because the harmattan is really drying.” I said, not relenting, following her right to the couch she had gone to seek refuge.”

“Ok, I have heard.” She said dismissively.

“I know you are only saying that to shut me up. You are not really listening to me. You want Boma’s hair to start breaking?” I replied with a sulky demeanour.

And then my sister turned to me

“What is your own Anna. Everytime, you carry yourself around like you are a hair expert, even though all you do is read off everything online. You put the hair problems of the whole world on your head. You will not let me hear word about Boma. Boma’s hair this, Boma’s hair that. DIY, moisturise, trim, condition, bla bla bla. Do you think I don’t have other things to think about apart from Boma’s hair? For God’s sake, I even went natural because you haven’t been cutting me some slack about Boma’s hair. I agree I don’t know so much about natural hair, but I am trying. So leave me alone, and allow me take care of my daughter’s hair the best way I can. If I need any assistance, I would be sure to call you, since you know everything. You can now leave me alone.”

Fuming Angry
I was really taken aback at her outburst. I didn’t know where it came from. She obviously had been bottling it up inside her for some time. Her husband was quiet all through, ignoring the whole scenario. He might as well have not been there.

I just walked away from there, really down. Do I really act like a know-it-all when it comes to natural hair? I doubt. I really was just trying to help, but maybe I had been taking it too far. Anyway, I need to really examine myself.


  1. Sorry Anna, she took her frustration out on you. Just show her what to do without making her feel bad.

  2. Aww sorry Anna, we all know you meant well,she was probably in a mood already and your Inquisition and subsequent advice didn't just go down well.

  3. Sorry Anna.Abeg leave her daughter's hair alone,when it starts breaking and reducing in lenght and no one admires it anymore she would come back to you,but I know you would never let that happen

  4. Lool! aunty Anna,you should have let it rest when she went to sit by her husband. if you were that bothered,you should have just treated. and moisturize Boma's hair yourself and am sure she would have gotten your message.

    1. Anna and her sister always have it in for themselves.


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