Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 133

My office party was the bomb. I can’t remember when last I danced as much as I did. My colleagues are fast becoming family to me, which is basically the reason I felt so at ease dancing like a mad girl in their presence, never mind that I am not one of the best dancers the world has to offer.

And guess who my date was?


Yes, the love of my life is back, and I am so excited. Christmas came early for me this time around.
As I had mentioned, the theme was old school. The easiest thing for me to pull off was Oleku. I did a very well-designed igbo/deeper-life style threading on my hair.

Dimeji wore old school style light aso oke agbada and kembe shorts. I have basically learnt more about our traditional way of dressing because of this party.

We looked really good together, I must say. No one knew for sure if we were dating, but then, no one asked. Yemisi is the only one who knows a bit about my personal life, but she came really late, which is not surprising to anyone. Her fiancé did not come with her. I just hope they are alright, and the guy gives a wedding date soon. Three years is a long time to be engaged.

Anyway, after having fun at the party, I went home really tired. I did not even do anything to my hair. I fell on my bed, tired and exhausted, after all threading is a protective style.

The next morning, I got up, ready to go to church. It was a shocker for me to see that my hair wasn’t ready for church. I wasn’t sure whether to take down the thread or go to church like that. I imagined the number of stares I would get, so I decided to take it down.

Surprisingly, the rubber threads came off so easily. And my hair was super-stretched!!! I was so shocked at its length. No, it wasn’t waist length or anything of that sort, but I didn’t expect it to be that long. I have never stretched my hair, so it was a first experience for me.

All I did was just pack my hair into one, and used about three bands at interval on the tail, so it was stretched all through.

By the time I got to church, people started looking at me strangely. I wondered if I mistakenly left one threaded section without knowing. It wasn’t until my friend asked me a question that I knew why.

“Anna, did you relax your hair?”

“Ehm, why would I relax my hair?” I asked.

“But you relaxed your hair, right? It is now straight.”

It was then I understood the stares. “Oh no, I just stretched it.”


“With thread.”

“How does thread stretch hair?”

Mehn, it was going to be a long day in church.

Oh Brother
I didn’t know how I was going to answer all the questions. So I made a decision, which I implemented the next time I got the question.

“Anna, did you relax your hair?”

“Yes, I did.” I lied in an effort to reduce the number of questions.

“Really?” She looked shocked. “Why?”

Oh my gosh, it seemed nothing I said was going to stop the questions after all.


  1. Lol, can't wait to see how this is going to turn out.

  2. Aaaw. The bae came baaack. Yey wena Anna! Lying in church nogal? Iyoh. Couldn't have picked a worse place. Or maybe it was the best place? Closer to the lord for forgiveness? I'm sure he understands. He made the hair mos.

    Mvumikazi |Urban Mnguni

    1. Loooll. I love your sense of humour. Yes best place so she can ask for forgiveness faaasssttt.

  3. Haha, you never can satisfy anyone. Glad dimeji is back, so no more crying ya?

  4. so what did dimeji get you??? why did you leave that part out??? shior

    1. Yes yes,what did he get you

    2. All of you are Gbeboruns. Leave Anna alone. She would reveal if she feels like it. It's her diary naaa, looooooollll.

  5. Yayyy!Dimeji is back!.Abeg direct them to youtube

    1. I doubt such people are interested in learning from youtube.

  6. I'm so sad you didn't attach a picture!! I'm South African, so I have no idea what you were wearing but I'm about to ask Aunty Google for help


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