Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 131

This weekend, I decided to do something with my two younger brothers. At first, it was really awkward because evn ehtough we are a bit close, it is not on the going out level. It is more on the mischief level.

When my brothers and I are together, everything must be a fight or argument, even something as simple as where to hang out. At a point, I just wanted to give up, and go back to bed. I cursed the spirit that allowed me make the suggestion in the first place. See what Dimeji-missing can do to me… wipes out my brain, and moves me to make insane suggestions.

After some time, we finally settled on The palms. Honestly, there was absolutely nothing for me to do there. But since I’m not so outgoing, that was the best idea I had that didn’t require me to sell the head of a camel to afford.  My brothers kept suggesting places that didn’t suit my taste or person.

Anyway, after we got to the palms, the immediate younger one disappeared to who knows where. I mean, he just vanished into thin air. The one after him, who is the biggest of all three, stuck with me. He is also the most jovial and friendly. He makes friends with strangers in a split of a second. He doesn’t look as much like me as the first one does.

So we went to Game, and wanted to check out some household items. The price of one of the items wasn’t visible, so we took it to the counter, and started talking to a male attendant. It was at this time that we saw a beautiful female attendant by the right, and my brother, in his usual joking fashion, started smiling with the guy, in reference with the girl.

The guy looked at me, and started feeling embarrassed on my behalf. He said “For her to be beside you, and you are still having eyes on another woman, I’m guessing she’s not your woman.”

I kept silent and smiled, knowing how mischievous my brother is.

“Oh no. This is my sis.” He waved nonchalantly.

“Okay, cos I don’t expect you to disrespect your own girl.”

“Naaa, naaa. I am not like that.”

“Don’t mind him, he’s just an idiot.” I said.

We finished our business, left, and went to look for something to eat at one of the restaurants. My brother graciously agreed to pick the bill. When it was almost our turn to pay, he received an important call, so he gave me the money, and walked away to find a quiet corner. The waiter saw this, collected the money, and gave me the change saying innocently “This is for your husband.”

I smiled and left the counter with our order. When my brother came, I told him what happened. He was shocked, but I expected him to brush it aside, and just laugh it off, but he kept saying “whatttt, whatttt, how could he think I’m your husband?”

Bill Cosby WTF?
After sometime, the waiter came to our table, and guess what my husband brother did? He asked him
“So you think I’m her husband?” He started smiling sheepishly.

The waiter just smiled.

“I’m not her husband. This is my sister… my senior sister.” He said, emphasising the latter part, so as to assert his youthfulness.

“Wow, sorry. I just assumed.” The waiter said, smiling. Turning to me, he said “So you are not married then ma’am.”

“No, I’m not. We are both unmarried.” I replied.

“What is your name, ma’am? He asked.

“What??? What is going on here?” My brother screamed. “I made a mistake. I’m her husband. Now you can go.  Thank you.”


  1. Lool your brother should have allowed the waiter shoot his shot. Ah

    1. His body was too hot to wait for the next comment, lol.

  2. Hahaha your brother is funny.When my Bro is with me no man/boy dares to Come near.His eyes is enough to kill

    1. Loooll. One day, you wee marry, and he wee have no choice but to stop using his eyes to scare mr hubby away.

  3. Lol your brother is hilarious. Your diary series is so entertaining!!


    1. Aww, thanks for the compliment. Anna loves you too, lol.

  4. What I wouldn't give to have an overprotective brother. Mine would Gladly see me swim with fish. The carnivorous ones with sharp teeth. I think its got something to do with the childhood jealousy thing Boma had.

    Urban Mnguni

    1. You comment is both funny and not funny. I hope you and your brother can find ways to settle thie feud in future, cos you mentioned it on some other post too.


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