Harmattan and my natural hair

 The HARMATTAN is a dry,parching land breeze, charged with dust. ( dictionary.com)

            Effects of harmattan on natural hair
Dry scalp
Splits ends.
Dirty hair
Flaky scalp

      Tips on how to care for your hair during harmattan
Wash as often as you can because of the dust and make sure not to use a clarifying shampoo( it strips our hair of its natural oils).
Please make sure you air dry this period and stay far away from heat.
MOISTURISE : because the weather is dry and hot, it is very important to retain moisture. Up your moisturising game this season, if you have been moisturising twice a day , double it. To make it easy for you, you could make a special spritz mixture ( two of your favourite oils, leave in conditioner and water) and make sure to seal.
Carry your spritz bottle around and use an extra moisturising shampoo.
PROTECTIVE STYLE : this isn't the time to flaunt your volume, length or edges.tuck in that hair! This is the best time to install Marley twist, hide your hair in braids or wigs.
Also remember to care for your hair while " she's tucked away. Dry hair ( protective style or not) is prone to breakage.
BUY A SILK PILLOW CASE : if you are like me and you have not been faithful with protecting your overnight, please repent , at least be faithful during this period and if you are the type that can't keep something on your head through the night, maybe you should invest in a silk pillow case. Cotton pillow case is a big NO this season.
DEEP CONDITION : this is the best time to deep condition. Take your deep conditioning to the next level.
HOT OIL TREATMENT : hot oil treatment reduced spilt ends,retain and locks in moisture and also increases shine, incorporate this in your regimen.

Well, I hope you find this post helpful, am sure there are lots of stuffs I dint cover,
Please, feel free to add your tips down at the comment section..

Your questions and feedbacks are highly appreciated
So, see you at the comment section...

                                  NOUS SOMMES AVEC VOUS PARIS...dire une priere pour Paris..


  1. Yes gurl, preach...currently rocking my wigs.


  2. Harmattan hasn't reach my end yet.
    It is still rainy and so I will keep this handy for when the season finally comes.

  3. I was looking forward to harmattan because I can't stand this heat but after this post, not so much anymore lol. Thanks for the tips.


    1. Lol I'm still looking forward to it. I can't even put in any extensions rn because the weather is so hot and humid. Its best I wait for the cold

  4. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. It can't be oversaid.

  5. Thanks so much will keep this when the harmattan comes

  6. Will take care of my hair during this period following this tips.Oh also sealing us key,it might take breaking out heavier oils and butters,but it is important.

  7. Thanks so much for this.Harmattan is round the corner. Thus is the time I use Shea butter most.No hair flaunting. Protect your hair like your NYSC certificate

  8. Double Lol,Ashake.Na serious protect be that o.

  9. Trying to stay away from glycerine during the harmattan.

  10. Had to fix a weave because of this last year. Didnt even want a strand of my hair outside. Im still waiting for this year's own to start already

  11. Yeah due yo it's humectant properties.You don't want to yo dash the moisture in your hair to the air around you


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