Tutorial: The Faux Afro Pony Puff

Hello, hello ladies!

Today I want to show you how to make an afro ponytail on natural hair. This is a great protective style and can go two to three days depending on how well you wrap you hair at night.

It works best on textured hair so I did this on hair which was set in big braids the night before. The texture from the braid out will help it blend seamlessly with the afro textured hair. As long as you can gather your hair up into a ponytail or pony wannabe ( you know those really small small ponies) you can rock this style with ease.

You will need:

1. Afro extensions that mimic natural hair. I used Magic COCO  2 Bohemian
2. Gel(optional)
3. Two hair bands. One smaller one for your faux ponytail, and one bigger one to secure the faux pony to your hair.

The process:

1. Tie your hair up into a bun. Make it as small as possible so that you can tie the fake to the real hair.

2.Get the extensions and sew the tracks together so that the are secure.
3.Take the smaller hair band and loop it through your faux pony. This will be used to secure the pony to your bun.

4. Tie the ponytail to your bun using the looped end. Tie it in such a way that the ponytail covers your bun as much as possible.

How it looks underneath once the ponytail has been tied over the bun

Now take your larger hair band and tie it to your "ponytail". This larger hair band gives the whole thing a seamless appearance like your own hair flows through the puff.
Brush up your edges and use some gel if you like.

Now rock that pony and act like it's yours!!

It's sleek, classy and looks just like your hair! Perfect for those bad hair days. Take it a step further and bun it for a suave professional look. It will add tonnes of va-va-voom to your average sock bun.

Will you try it?


  1. One more style added to my to-do list.Simple and concise demonstration.

  2. ghen gehn, can't wait to take out my braids this night but first stop hair store. nobody shall know my secret nobody (evil laugh)

  3. It looks so real in the picture. You did a great job.

  4. I will surely try this.
    It requires little effort and material.
    Nice one.

  5. Nah I won't be trying this. But its very lovely.

  6. so easy to do. will try this. thanks!.

  7. so easy to do. will try this. thanks!.

  8. I've done something similar but I made mine into a bun. See that post here: Natural Hair Style: Faux Bun in 2 Ways

  9. Nice!! Will definitely add this to my hairstyles list!

  10. I am so going to try this. I have done a faux bun and the steps are similiar. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  11. I will be trying this, looks so simple and similiar to the faux bun I usually do. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wow easy and beautiful, thanks for sharing


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