'Rocking my Natural Hair has been Amazing' Mane Matters with Adanne

 Hi naturals, how is the week going?

Meet Adanne

Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
My name is Adanne Margaret Uche. For now I give people the pleasure of having a good night/day sleep with my beautiful bedsheets.

What are your thoughts about natural hair?
Since I started this journey 2 year ago, it's been an amazing feeling to be natural with d God-giving hair with any chemicals.

When/why did you decide to go natural?
2years ago, Jan 2013

Did you do a BC or you transitioned?

What was the experience like?
Felt really good and super excited to know what was next. I was happy you can't even understand.

What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?
I didn't have any fear at all.

Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?
Use JBCO and a misture of cantu leave-in, coconut oil, jojoba oil, water, argan oil every single day.

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?
None asides doing same for my daughter too.( I dnt do hers everyday cos it's stressful).

Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?
Long haul, I want mine to be as long as Tracy ross's.
There are people that definitely have negative comments about you hair, how do you deal with that?
I don't think i've had or no one has ever told me to my face. The people that comment wants to be me. (have my hair I mean).
What's your must have product and accessory?
My jbco (different flavour) and my small hair brush.

What is your go-to style?
Twist out.

What advice do you have for anyone just going natural?
Go for it girl, you would so love it.

Where can we find you?
Your social media platforms… fb- Adanne Margaret Uche, twitter- meggykal and meggieandangels, instagram- Meggie and angels, google+- Adanne Margaret Uche.

Thanks for your time

What do you all think?

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