Hello guys, I know you all are spoiling for a DIY post ( atleast that's what Sundays should be all about on AN) but please do not vex for me! I'm having issues getting materials but I promise we would be doing major DIYs next week. Let me give you an insight, we would be learning how to make hair accessories!!! So, ANTICIPATE!!! 
 Last two weeks, I made a major "natural hair faux pas ", I referred to almond oil as an essential oil (it's actually a carrier oil). Some darlings were quick to point out my mistake! Shout out to all those who corrected me, you guys made me vex and I went ahead to read all I could find about these oils!  On today's post I'm going to be writing on these two categories of oils, their uses, differences and examples... Someone just said " this Bukola is just so nice and selfless" ( I know, thank me later).
                     CARRIER OILS
Carrier oils are vegetable oils gotten from the fat of plant seeds and nuts. Some examples of carrier oils are argan oil, avocado oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, carrot seed oil, frankincense oil,grapefruit oil,etc.
- they help carry essential oils into the skin and scalp
- they are used to make natural creams, lotions, conditioners, lip balms etc..
- they are used to dilute essential oils and other oils .

                   ESSENTIAL OILS
 Essential oils are oils extracted from plants. An essential oil contains the fragrance and therapeutic benefits of the plants it was extracted from. Some examples of essential oils are lavender, Rosemary, peppermint etc...
- they are highly medicinal 
- they can be burned as incense 
- they are used for massage
- they have scalp stimulating properties


- essential oils are gotten from leaves and roots, carrier oils are pressed from seeds and nuts.
- essential oils have their own aroma (which is usually strong), carrier oils have a faint aroma.
- essential oils evaporates, carrier oils do not evaporate
- essential oils are stored in glass jars, carrier oils can be stored in plastic containers
- essential oils are thin oils with thick aroma, carrier oils are thicker oils with mild aroma
- carrier oils go foul after awhile but essential oils never goes foul, instead they lose all their healing and therapeutic properties.
- carrier oils are to be applied in a large volume, essential oils are highly effective, so you only need few drops.

Now that you have enough information on hair oils, go into the world and be good ambassadors of the natural hair community!!

My lovely "correcters",  how do you like my comeback?( lol ) 

I hope you learnt a thing or two? 
You know your questions, opinions and feedbacks
Are highly appreciated,
See you at the comment section.



  1. It is well , you even have references. Please can you at combos of the oils that work best is what essential oils works best with a carrier. Thanks

    1. any carrier oil can be used to dilute any essential oil,the top 3 carrier oils for me are olive oil, sweet almond and coconut oil..

  2. I think it is a fantastic comeback, lol. You did a grand job with the topic.

  3. . Def learnt. I had no clue about the difference. Thanks :)

  4. Nice comeback.Maybe you could do a post on different essential oils their properties and use for natural hair,cos there are a ton of them out there.

  5. Yes, you came back with a bang.

  6. Kudos for good research. That's the life of a naturalista, unending research, may our kinks reward us, lol.

  7. I give u juice, this was a great post.

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