Popular Natural Hairstyle Trends of 2015

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With each year there is a definite fuss over particular hairstyles which seem to have everyone enthralled. Here's a quick look-see at the most popular styling trends of 2015 in the natural hair community.

1. Faux Locs
Faux locs began to pick up in late 2014 and by March of 2015 they were definitely the in-thing, and still happen to be quite popular. Faux locs give you the versatility of rocking locs without having to commit to years of growing them out full and long. The downside to them is that most have complained that they can be heavy on the pocket..and your scalp especially if kanekalon extensions are used. For lighter and easier to carry dreads, opt for yarn or marley hair. You can take it up a notch by going for ombred dreads or fiery red to switch from the traditional black or brown. As with all protective styles, they should not be kept in for more than 8 weeks to avoid your hair locking. Do take care if you have a sensitive hairline as some have complained of losing their hairlines to the beautiful style. You want want to DIY it rather than go to the hairdresser if you have concerns about your edges.

My lovely friend Nangisai rocking a more fiery version of faux locs

2. Crochet Wigs
Crochet wigs have been a mainstay of 2015, having evolved from the just as popular crochet braids. The wigs give the same look and style as braids, without the extra sitting time. The cons on this are that the wig may lose its curls if not cared for properly. All in all there isn't much bad to say about this.

My own DIY crochet wig

3. Crotchet braids
Crotchet come in a close third position only because the wig version of this style has been found to be less of a hassle because the installation process is quicker. Kanekalon hair, and marley hair extensions are a popular choice for this style which re-creates the look of a braid out, perm rod set or flexi rod set on natural hair.

4. Grey hair
2015 has been the year of embracing what comes more naturally to us with age, which is grey hair. However naturals have taken it a step further by dying their tresses all shades of grey for a more eccentric look. The really daring have kicked it up a notch with grey braids. It has been popularised by our US and UK counterparts, as the African naturals seem to be shying away from this trend. Undoubtedly it is for the brave and eclectic. If you are not too keen on going all out grey, a streak or two of silver strands are sufficient to stay on trend, just take a look at Carrie Pink who is naturally greying yet still on point. This more demure version of the trend is for the more conservative adventurer.
Would you try it?

5. The floral headband
Although not new to naturals, the floral headband seems to have taken more of the spotlight of late. A great accessory to rock, however if you are not too keen on the giant flowers, you can opt for smaller flowers on your band to stay on trend.


6. The updo
Braid  outs, bantu knots, perm rods sets, twist outs have all had their mainstay. However the updo has seen a steep rise in 2015. I would attribute it to naturals wanting to get more creative in their styling options as opposed to the usual puff, or roll, tuck and pin. What's more, an updo with added extensions of kanekalon or marley hair makes it just that much more in vogue.

Lupita Nyong'o

Teyonah Parris

*All images were sourced from pinterest unless otherwise stated.

What trends are you feeling this 2015?


  1. I think Faux Locs tops the list. Every hair blog and site has been talking about it all year.

  2. Replies
    1. You are so right Ebun! I don't know how i missed it, thanks!

  3. Faux locs definitely. I'm glad I tried them. I also made a crochet wig, so does it mean my hair is trendy?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. I have tried most of these. There is nothing like a good ol' updo. When u wear an updo to the supermarket folk may even be looking at you like is this lady off to a red carpet event. If they do abeg twirl and give them style, it is not your fault your hair is naturally glamourous.

    1. Lol at "abeg twirl and give them style" hehehe. Yeah the thing is the updo can seem so complicated to an onlooker, yet it was a simple three step process.


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