Was doing my normal rounds on the internet the other day and I came across a comment on a natural hair blog (can't remember which).
The author talked about how she used onion juice to regrow her hair and bald patches. As in, your wide eyes no big reach my own! I was like "oh no!she didn't!".So, I decided to google it and asides the smell, the review was amazing. I decided to read up on its benefits and how to extract the juice,so, I could come and share with you guys.... Yea! I know, am generous like that....

                       BENEFITS ::::

 Onion juice increases blood circulation.
 Onion juice is rich in antibacterial properties,so, it helps fight scalp infections.
 It prevents premature greying..
 It's rich in sulphur 
 It's a good remedy for hair loss and bald patches.

                   THINGS YOU NEED 

 : blender
 : a bulb of onion 
 : knife 
 : chopping board 
 : sieve 


              Peel and chop the onion into small to medium pieces.

              Put the chopped onions in a blender, add little water and blend on high for about a minute or till it turns into a purée.

              Put your sieve over a bowl,pour your purée into the sieve and filter.
             Squeeze pulp,making sure you extract all the juice..

                   HOW TO USE

   - mix 1/2 cup of onion juice with 2 tablespoons of honey.
   - apply onto your scalp
   - leave it on for 40 minutes at least or you could just cover overnight with a shower cap.
   - rinse out 

 - massage the juice into your scalp, bald patches or residing hairline.
 - leave on for 15 minutes 
 - wash out with a shampoo.

NB :::: 
             Use daily for at least 3 weeks to see result!
             You could add onion diet to your meals to help from within!
              Any essential oil of your choice or lemon juice could help with the smell!
              The honey and onion juice mixture can be taken as a drink. 

RUMOUR HAS IT  "onion juice does wonders for those bald spots!" grow some hair DIY...

Questions and feedbacks are highly appreciated,
So,see you at the comment section...


  1. dats interesting.....tnks for d info

  2. Hmmm.... What were your results? Please share.

    I want to know what Atilola Thinks fest ._.

  3. LOL, how do people come up with these things?

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. Onion juice has got some people raving only, but the people I physically know that used is don't particularly like it. A particular patient of mine said it almost made her tear her scalp out. And for some people, it is such a golden elixir. I guess it depends on what side of the divide you fall on.

    1. I used it yesterday night and it wasn't so bad.

  5. learnt about this from my cousin. also using a handkerchief to strain can help get more juice from your onion

  6. I used it to stop hair breakage. The smell is not so bad. Before I used it I had tried several things to stop my hair from breaking so much.


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