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 Most of you guys (if not all) don't know I'm just 3 months post BIG CHOP, 4 months post relaxer and like every new natural, I'm curious (not so much anymore though). I have read all the readable, watch every YouTube video,  read every hair regimen I could find and visited every natural hair blog I can!
 Sometimes, I learn, sometimes it's a pure waste of time and other times, I'm left a lot more confused.Well, in all these regimens,videos and blogs, what I've realised is that the basic and most important steps in every hair regimen or hustle to grow that hair
is to CLEAN, CONDITION, MOISTURISE AND SEAL AND THEN STYLE.  That is the summary of all the videos on YouTube and epistles on Internet, clean and treat your hair! 

So, today I'm going to be sharing how I plan to grow my hair over the year (yea, I meant my regimen) 
               ENJOY/ LEARN / CONTRIBUTE


      MUD WASH : I plan to use this instead of my shampoo, by doing this, I don't have to be scared   of my hair being stripped of anything. Plus, in one wash, I would be clarifying, cleaning, conditioning, moisturising and then I would seal with my beloved Shea butter.

PRODUCTS : a. Bentonite clay (from African naturalistas store)
                        b. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (from African naturalistas store )
                       c. Carrier oil ( almond oil)
                       d. Whipped Shea butter ( par moi)


            a. Cowash with my BEAUTY FORMULAS tea tree deep nourishing conditioner,apply my          leave in and seal with my darling Shea butter
            b. Install short term protective hairstyle
            c. Deep condition with my AFRICAN NATURALISTAS  deep conditioning mayonnaise


            a. Spritz morning and before bed with my water and oil mixture.
            b. Apply castor oil by AFRICAN NATURALISTAS to my edges,sides and back,morning and night...

In addition to all these, I plan to finger detangle, protect my ends (moisturise and seal with my Shea butter mix), never install long term protective style (would mat(didi) my hair and take it down in a week) and always use my satin bonnet (SO HELP ME GOD)!

A clean and healthy scalp provides your hair the opportunity to thrive and I believe my regimen would give my scalp just what it needs and also keep it clean.... Would stick to all these and keep my fingers crossed.. 

What do you think about my regimen, any pointers, warnings, tips, cautions?

You know I always appreciate your questions and opinions,
So, see you at the comment section...


  1. It's fun having a TWA, you would enjoy every bit of it. I have neva tried using any ayurvedic powder or clay. Maybe I should sometym. All the best in growing your hair dear.

    1. fun? I can't wait for it to grow into a bun! I have a boring sense of style,so,i really do not know how to rock it! I started dis regimen yesterday and I dnt tink am eva going back to shampooing! so, pls do try clay cleansing...

    2. Seriously o, I miss being on TWA, there are so much styles to try out. Even though I didn't do much wit mine. Hehe

    3. I am also guilty of not enjoying my hair while it was short. If only I had been wiser.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I wish I had more fun with my TWA, like Elizabeth mentioned.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. I think the time I was very consistent was with my TWA soo enjoy it while it lasts o, I had to cut my then mid length hair just so I could have a TWA back.

    I hope we get to read all the progress reports and what's working and what's not.

    I have never tried all them clay clay things. Hopefully, when I have more time for my hair i.e when I take out this protective style ;-)

  4. My mantra is this - whatever hair regimen we adopt at any phase of our hair, we should make sure it is sustainable and not complex.

  5. Great regimen. Personally, I have never added Bentonite clay and shea butter together. However, I am looking forward to your results.

  6. Sometimes I wish i just chopped off my hair rather than transition all this efizzy i wanted to do chai. Thanks for sharing :D

  7. Yes to mud washes! I'll put up a post on my experience later.

  8. I have done a mud wash with bentonite clay and amla powder and the results were okay. it made my curls pop and my hair was soft but strong( mix the powder in a plastic bowl and use a plastic or wooden spoon to turn it. Good luck on this healthy hair journey

  9. i need hair too please help with natural things i can use

  10. Sounds like a good plan indeed. I wish i could handle my natural hair but i just cant lol. Goodluck with the growth dear.


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