Is Natural Hair For Everybody?

I'm a firm believer in the notion that not every one is "supposed" to have natural hair. Yes, God created black/African hair to be kinky, so some people use that point as their excuse to push for natural hair on everyone's head. However, I think that we all have our freedom to choose and if someone feels that they simply cannot manage their natural hair, who am I to judge?

In the latest Mane Matters interview, the lady was the first one ever to admit that natural hair is just a phase for her. While it might be shocking to see that statement on a natural hair blog/website, it's a reality for so many women. I personally have friends who have gone natural, and most of what they say about natural hair tends towards the negative - hard to manage, hair styles that they don't like, etc. That's simply their experience. In my opinion, if anything (natural hair included) causes you to complain more than celebrate, why keep doing it?

I stopped relaxing my hair in 2006, and even though the thought of straight hair has crossed my mind a few times in these past 9 years, I don't see myself using a relaxer on my head in the foreseeable future. But that's MY experience.

What do you think? Is Natural hair for everybody? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Berry Dakara.


  1. It's not for everyone, IMO.

    Not everyone has to patience to deal with it when it starts acting up.


    1. "When it starts acting up"

      That's exactly the best description!

  2. I think Natural hair is for everyone, and everyone CAN wear their hair naturally. 'CAN' means ability, and everyone has the ability to do it. So my answer is...

    Everyone CAN wear their hair naturally, buy everyone WON'T their hair naturally. That's reality.

    1. "Everyone CAN wear their hair naturally, buy everyone WON'T their hair naturally. That's reality."


  3. It is a choice! Like almost every other thing in life! One can choose to wear their natural hair or not to. it's not for every one to choose to wear their natural hair. Not everyone has the ability so deal with it!

    I think what really gets me off is when someone natural thinks only one who wears natural hair has healthy hair.

  4. I totally agree Berry. Not everyone can or will want to do it. To each his own and no one has a right to put anybody down for how they choose to wear their hair.

  5. I think the main issue is everyone needs to have healthy hair , natural or not . Most time the argument of why you go natural is misunderstood by non naturals , everyone just needs to strive to have health hair period how hlyou go about it is your own business.


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