Easy Guide to DIY Hair Treatments

I saw the following infographic on Fola's Oasis Blog earlier this week, and got permission to post it here. I think it's a simple and easy to follow guide for anyone who wants to make their own natural hair treatments. You all already saw my DIY Protein Treatment fiasco from a few months ago, and I said I wouldn't try it again. But if I ever decide to try a home treatment again, I'll be consulting this guide below. These are all ingredients that are super easy to find in your neighborhood grocery store or market.

diy natural hair
Depending on what you're trying to achieve, this says to pick a base to start with, 2 ingredients from the middle section and 1 from the bottom section. Like Fola suggested

Olive oil, Avocado + Bananas, and Honey = Moisturizing Treatment
Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon + Baking soda, and Honey = Clarifying Treatment
Milk, Mayo + Strawberries, and an EggStrengthening/Protein Treatment

Don't forget you can buy Coconut Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar from the African Naturalistas Store

What other mixes can you come up with and for what purposes?


  1. I'm very sceptical about this diagram o. A diagram that is suggesting you use baking soda or lemon on your hair, which are on two extremes of the ph scale is not my cup of tea. Based on science and research, baking soda especially is a no-no.

  2. Ah, that's true. I think I've forgotten most of my basic science. If you mix alkalines and acids, do they balance each other?

    1. Acids and bases actually neutralize each other to form a salt and water. Lemon is a complicated acid source as most natural products are in that it's made up of different chemicals unlike the baking soda so it'll be good to proceed with caution.

    2. I second Hadassah. Baking soda actually has an abrasive effect on hair and every material it touches, so it is not recommended for hair. Unfortunately, some people just feel because it makes their hair soft, it is good for them.

      As per the salt and water reaction. We are not sure the compound it will produce when reacted with any other acid. Kimmaytube actually did an experiment on these a couple of years ago. Taking our hair on an acid-alkaline roller coaster ride does more harm.


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