Hello guys! Mehn, this year is just bailing, kilode? It's August already, how many things on your list has been checked? For me, a lot.... One of them being, going natural!
So, on this my natural hair journey, I have had to answer numerous questions, from, are you now born again, did you change church, is your hair breaking, oh you are going to get tired, how do you plan to keep this soft, how are u going to manage it etc.
  My favourite is the one am going to try to answer on my post today. Which is, I would love to go natural, what do I need to know and what are the things I would need?
         1.     The beauty about natural hair is, you never stop learning, you learn new things about your hair every day, you also learn how to care for it in new ways!  Now, where do you learn all these things? You learn on the Internet, you would be surprised with how much information the Internet has on natural hair both right or wrong! But not to worry, at African naturalistas, we have sieved these informations, supplying you with only the right Infos. Our readers also learn from our personal experiences and the experiences of others( even google doesn't get it all right), so, in essence, save this blog on ur book mark and you ready for the ride.
           a.  Satin bonnet/ silk scarf : Personally, I think this is the most important of them all! This helps you retain length and hair moisture. So if after moisturising, you sleep on your cotton sheet without protecting your head with a silk or satin bonnet, then you have just wasted your product and time because, cotton may feel soft but it's rough and while you turning and tossing through the night, the roughness of the fabric causes the hair to tangle, stripes it off its moisture, thereby leaving it dry and friz. So, remember to protect your hair overnight with a silk or satin bonnet.

          b. Wide tooth comb : Dump all tail combs inside your bin, if possible, burn them all! As a natural head, this should never be found close to your hair. Instead, invest in a wide tooth comb to detangle and comb your hair. You could also get a tooth brush, hair brush for your edges.

         c. Spray bottle : To keep a healthy natural hair, you have to make sure it doesn't lack moisture. This spray bottle makes it easier for you to distribute your moisture mixture evenly.


         d. Conditioner : The conditioner helps to keep your hair clean and moisturised. There are various types of conditioner( leave in, regular and deep conditioner), the first two are the most essential! While the leave in keeps your hair moisturised and soft all through the day( apply and style, do not wash out), the regular moisturises and detangles your hair when used in the shower( you apply, let it seat for few minutes and then wash out)
        e. Sulphate free shampoo : This helps to keep the scalp healthy and clean. It also gets rid of all build ups.
        f. Oils : Asides replacing oils lost while shampooing, these carrier oils keep your hair protected and healthy. They also seal in moisture,after you must have moisturised with water.

So, those are the basics, you get all these stuffs and you are good to go but why not let's make this super easy for you! Visit our product store and let's DO IT FOR YOU!  You only have to place an order and we would deliver right at your door step and with us, you know you are getting the real thing! 

Questions and feedbacks would be highly appreciated
So, see you at the comment section

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