Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 112

For a split moment when my head wasn’t on my neck, I believe, I fantasised with the idea of just locking all my hair… forever. The thought of the fact that I would never be able to style my hair free chased that fantasy out immediately. At a later time, I felt maybe I should lock it for a while, about 5 years. I thought about the fact that I would most likely have to cut off all my hair after all those years, and it wasn’t so appealing again.

I haven’t made any complaints yet, but lately, I have been ‘catching’ Dimeji admire dreadlocks on the heads of other ladies. I don’t know what goes through his mind when he looks at them. Maybe it is...

  • “Your locs are so beautiful.”
  • “Haa, your boyfriend must be so fortunate. He doesn’t have to watch his girlfriend waste all the time in the world applying strange concoctions on her hair.”
  • “If only you were my girlfriend, I won’t have to hear a 40 page story about how your hair is not growing.”
  • “You are so lucky. You don’t have to spend so much time styling your hair, or decline dates because your hair didn’t turn out right.”
  • Whatever his fantasies are, they sure are positive ones.

So last week, when we were in his car, I revealed the mirror, and started playing with my hair.

“Sweetheart, I think I want to change my look.”

“Really?” he asked with no serious show of interest.

“Yeah, into something different, more permanent.”

His interest got more ticked this time. “Oh okay. This is the point where you joke around, and tell me you want to relax your hair so you can gauge my reaction. Well, go ahead and relax your hair. It is your hair after all.”

“Haaa, Mr Man. You are the champion of the conclusion jumping tournament. I am thinking of going on dreadlocks.”

He raised his eyebrows. “You? I thought you did not like dreadlocks.”

“Well, can’t a lady change her mind? Anyway, I just want to know if you are okay with it.” I asked, intensely monitoring his reaction.

“Babe, you know na. I am okay with whatever you do with your hair, even if you decide to shave it off.”

“Yes, I know. But seriously, don’t you have a particular hairstyle preference, something you’d rather see me on?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“So if I have the opportunity to have just one hairstyle for the rest of my life, which one would you prefer it to be?”

He looked at me suspiciously. “Is this a trick question?”


“No, just answer.”

“And you say permanently? Like forever and ever and ever?” Dimeji emphasised.

“Yes love.” I smiled

“Wellllllllllll, putting all the factors together, I would say… dreadlocks.”

“Yes, I knew IT.”

“What are you talking about?” He asked, confused.

“Never mind, I have just acquired the gift of mind-reading.”

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