Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 111

I got to meet one of Dimeji’s brothers last week. Apart from the fact that I intentionally distanced myself from his family before the great introduction, one of the reasons I have never met Kolapo is basically because he doesn’t stay in Lagos. He works in an oil company in Port Harcourt.

When Dimeji brought him to my house, we immediately clicked. He is rich, he is a very handsome guy, polite, and very very single. What more could a girl want? I instantly wished for a minute that I had met him before meeting Dimeji, lol.

The thing that attracted me to Kolapo most was his Afro. I have never seen afro that sculpted on a guy before. It was round around the edges, and very neat. I mean I had seen his pictures before but seeing him in reality just took my breath away.

The first thing I told Dimeji was “Babe, you didn’t tell me your brother had lovely natural hair,” as I smiled at Kolapo.

“What’s there to tell? All guys have natural hair.” Dimeji joked.

I looked at his almost non-existent hair, and said “Indeed.”

“I have heard so much about you.” Kolapo interjected with his smile, “and your natural hair.”

I immediately eyed Dimeji.

“Your hair is so lovely. Your face and hair is actually too pretty for you to be male.” I said much later, after we had made acquaintances talking about some other things.

“I actually want to cut it. Dimeji has been discouraging me though.”

“Why?” I exclaimed. “Don’t cut it. If you do, I will stop talking to you.”

“We just started talking.” He laughed. “But seriously, maintaining this afro is just so difficult for me. The constant carrying of combs everywhere I go, checking myself out in the mirror, and all the fuss. It gets too much for me at times. I mean, I am not a girl nowwwww.”

“You are a girl.” I screamed. “You can’t cut this hair o. I can teach you how to take care of it.”

“Actually, I know. Dimeji tells me some of the things you do to your hair, and tells me to try them out, but I am not sure I’ve been able to get a hang of it.”

I immediately threw a pillow at Dimeji.  “So you have been learning a trade from me, and training other people without paying tutorials fee.”

“Madam, I pay. Listening to all your hair lingo and complaints, watching you put several concoctions on your hair and seeing the sight of your satin bonnet is enough payment.” He retorted.

“That reminds me.” Kolapo interjected again. “Do you know where I can get a satin bonnet? I forgot the one Dimeji gave me in Port Harcourt.”

“What??? You wear satin bonnet? Dimeji gave you satin bonnet???” I was so shocked. “Dimeji, did you steal my satin bonnet?” I said. Even though I was screaming now, I was thoroughly enjoying myself, though I strongly believed he stole my satin bonnet.

What the f?
“Calm down Anna. Last time you asked me to get you a satin bonnet from the mall, I bought 2 for you, and one for Kolapo.”

I ignored him, and turned straight to Kolapo. I paused, observed him for a bit, looked straight into his eye, and said.

“Wait o. you are a pretty boy with a nice skin. You have a beautiful afro. You wear a satin bonnet, and it was gotten for you by a guy. It is official. YOU ARE A GIRL.”

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  1. LOL, he should have gotten a doo-rag. It's more masculine.

  2. Lol! I couldn't get past him wearing a satin bonnet! Lmao!

    1. I actually know a guy with afro who wears satin bonnet. I know because he bought it from African Naturalistas. I kept asking him 'are you sure?' lol.

  3. Lol! Anna!
    It would be so funny to see a a guy wearing a satin bonnet.


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