Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 110

Good news! Or maybe not, for some people. Two ladies in my office are now on dreadlocks. One of them is really short, while the other is medium length, because she already had medium length natural hair when we had the dreadlocks breakthrough in the office.

Honestly, I don’t think we would have any other guy wearing dreadlocks in the office considering our culture. I believe if we have one more guy on locs, the HR Manager would just have a fit, and resign. I guess the Nigerian concept is “corporate guys just don’t have any business with dreadlocks.”

When the dreadlocks drama was happening at work, the CEO remained as neutral as possible. He didn’t even interfere in all the back and forth between HR manager and the line manager in question.
From the grapevine we are all hearing now, the CEO has taken a stand, or should I say, leaned towards a direction.

From the story, two big entertainment outfits approached us, and we are now handling their accounts. What we heard is that we landed these clients because they felt we had a welcoming atmosphere.
According to the gist, a top management official of one of the outfits came, and the first person he laid eyes on in the office was the dreadlocks guy. Sometime later, he saw Yemisi, my crazy-haired friend, with her dirty orange hair. It was at that point he concluded we were not just stuck up firm, and he loved the atmosphere around the company.

This was the reason we got the client, and started a good job for them. Well, word got around in the entertainment industry, and we landed a second entertainment outfit – a bigger one. From what we hear, the CEO is pressing his buttons with five other entertainment outfits, using the first two as leverage.

It is such an irony that what the HR Manager felt could be our ruin is what is now propelling the company forward, albeit, in another direction. We even heard that the dreadlocks guy got a raise, to the objection of the HR manager, and the CEO is now more disposed to unconventional staff members. I think it is time to get my frohawk on. I also need a raise!

And if I don’t get a raise, I might as well just resign. I was already bored anyway. Glad this dreadlocks grapevine gist flowed into the office just in time to wake up my sleepy career life.

So Bored
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  1. Really? Thats very intersting. Goes to show, one size does not fit all. Nice post.

  2. if these stories are alll reality nd not fiction, wld u please let me live your life for a day! it's not so boring like mine, tins are always happening.

    1. The issue of fiction or reality has been sorted on this blog in the past.


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