4 Ways To Preserve Your Curls For A Longer Time

Hello everyone!

There are times when we want to rock a banging twist out for a few days instead of retwisting everyday but we're not sure how to preserve the curls without becoming frizzy. Yes? Right!

There a few methods we can employ to this effect. Some of which include:

1. Wearing a satin bonnet
This is a no-brainer really. Wearing a satin bonnet at night helps to protect particularly your ends and generally curls for a longer period.

2. Pineappling
This method involves tying your hair loosely with a hair scrunchie or a scarf at the top of your head. The idea is to prevent your curls from squashing.

3. Using a Satin Pillowcase
Sleeping in a satin pillowcase gives you the luxury of sleeping with your hair loose whilst protecting it.

4. Two strand twists
This involves dividing your hair by into two sections and twisting them from roots to the ends which results in two chunky twists. This also helps to keep the curls in tact and prevent frizz.

So, how do you preserve your curls for a longer period?

Love, kinks and knots


  1. Thanks for sharing, the two strand twist is my go to for preserving my curls

  2. Isn't the satin pillow expensive?

  3. Isn't the satin pillow expensive?


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