Shea butter is a natural hair conditioner and also a good moisturiser. It can be found largely in west Africa and has been used for centuries. it's uses are endless, asides  body and hair care, Shea butter is edible ( some locals use for cooking and also to eat yam). It's also highly therapeutic, as it can be used as a healing balm.  
                                        Some  uses of Shea butter      

-   Provides moisture for dry scalp.
-   It's also a good sealant( helps lock in and retain moisture).
-   Helps protect the hair from sunlight.
-   Softens hair.
Shea butter in its natural state can be frustrating, because it's so firm and we mostly find it hard to distribute evenly. In today's post, am going to be sharing how to whip your Shea butter. Whipping makes it fluffy, thereby making it easier to manage.

                                 Things needed

-  Shea butter ( 200naira worth)

-  essential oils 

-  hand mixer 

-  bowl

-  container ( to store)

PREP TIME : 30 minutes
VALIDITY     : 1 year



             Scoop your Shea butter into a bowl, add your oils ( I use coconut and extra virgin olive oil) generously.

            Set your mixer to high for about 5 minutes( depending on the quantity of your Shea butter or how fluffy you want it).

STEP  3.
 Mix till it becomes fluffy (ice cream like), not solid, not liquid.

           Pour in a container and your whipped butter is ready to use.

NOTE :::
            Your Shea butter after whipping becomes twice its original size, so have a container big enough at hand.

            Store in a cool, dry place. DO NOT REFRIGERATE

            Whipped Shea butter, if properly stored, could last up to a year!
Plus, when I finished, I couldn't stop smelling it, the smell was beyond deeviineee...👌

So, your Shea butter is lumpy, you like your things with a little swag or you just love your things chic!  DIY😉👍

Your questions and feedbacks are highly appreciated!
So, see you at the comment section😘


  1. Very easy steps to follow. Nice.

  2. Well done Bukola. This is very easy, and straightforward

  3. Great post! I love adding a little Aloe Vera gel to create a custard with my whip cream mixture.

  4. This is so easy, I'm making mine tonight seeing that I'm out of hair butter. Thanks for sharing

    1. very easy dear! pls do nd Iet us know how it went!

  5. Quick question can I add rose water and glycerin?

    1. have never tried it doe but I guess u should be able to! pls, do try nd let us know how it went

  6. Amazing...thanks for sharing this. So I'm new on the natural hair block *yaaaaaay* and I'm sure I'll visit more for extra tips.

    1. yaaay!you are welcome and we are glad we could help! please, do come back.

  7. What can I use in place of a mixer?

    1. You can use wooden stick(orogun used for amala, semo etc). You turn the ingredients in one direction (like the cake mix) until its a creamy consistency. Hope that helps

  8. Tried this and the result is amah-zing... Did it on my own tho, then I discovered this blog. I put in some glycerine, aloe vera, palm.kernel oil, jojoba, coconut... Thinking of redoing it with some Rosemary or lavender

  9. I made some last week with shea butter, amla oil, palm oil and eucalyptus oil. I turned all the ingredients together with a wooden stick(used for amala,eba etc) . I turned it in one direction until it was a creamy consistency. After washing and deep conditioning my hair, I used it as a leave-in and braided my hair before wigging it. I also used as my body cream. It keeps my son’s hair moisturized too.
    Whipped shea butter is sheer goodness for an affordable price.

  10. This is great and exciting. Will try it


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