Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 106

What do you do when your life is just a boring dreary drag?

When your job is just another job?

Your relationship is just another relationship?

Your life seems to be just there?

You seem stuck in the routine you can’t seem to get away from

Pendulum bobs

Ones and zeros

Tick tock

Drip drop

Flip flop

Life has become just another binary code

Life is going on, yet life seems static

You seem to be constant motion, yet making no progress

Busy busy, but going nowhere

Every day is just another day

Just another moment

Just another time period

Just another opportunity to go round the cycle

Again and again

Till you feel dizzy

And just want to faint?


Well, I think this is the point I’m at at the moment. Can anyone relate with what I am feeling?


Your Honest Naturalista

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  1. blessings.....
    Yes, yes, yes and yes, please don't take this as a judgment, I am relating and empathizing. The truth is it has little to do with all of those "things" you have mentioned and everything to do with you. The common thread is you and the root of dissatisfaction lies within. In my experience I have found that when you are in this place its time to do some inventory i.e. check in with SELF. Many times when we get in to "living" we get so caught up that be being to neglect ourselves, stifle our truths in short we begin to dishonor ourselves in little ways that become the "norm" until we hit that stink of discontent, Why....many times its dreams deferred, fear of embracing ones own excellence. You have all the answers you need in you, you just have to have the courage to own it and live it. Like anything else in life, nothing comes without a price, just remember that some price are worth paying to get to the authentic I.

    Peace, patience, attentiveness and stillness in your on your journey within.
    May you be like air and rise!

    1. Hmm. You always speak wise words. We just to need to step out of the comfort zone of discontent.

  2. asin... its beginning to make me feel like having a child sef...


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