4 Natural Hair Practices I Live By

Hello everyone!

There's a myriad of information out there and it's necessary to filter them and pick out what suits you. Overtime, it becomes a series of trial and error to find what works efficiently for you. That's why I'm sharing four practices that have successfully worked for me.

1. Co-washing in braids, twists and any other protective style.
I'm addicted to co-washing my hair and the style doesn't hinder me. I'm more concerned about adding moisture than the outcome/definition of the style. Overtime, this habit has proved worthwhile as I don't have moisturize again for like two

2. Deep conditioning first on wash days.
I hardly ever prepoo because I don't believe it does anything special to my hair. And that's just me. I'd rather go through the whole thing at a stretch without waltzing in and out of the bathroom. As a result of the co-washing, my hair's barely dirty so I just deep condition first on wash days and co-wash afterwards. Plus it saves time and there's no really difference between deep conditioning on wet or dry hair.

3. Finger detangling.
At the beginning of my natural hair journey, I didn't even know what it meant to detangle. All I knew was I had a morbid fear of combs and I stayed completely away from them. I ended up using my fingers for everything - from detangling to styling and it just stuck. Even though I still use a soft bristle brush for my edges, combing my hair is usually a last resort.

4. Moisturising with water first before any other product.
I'm one those people who don't believe in using leave-ins or moisturizers alone. When moisturizing my hair after the initial LCO method on wash days, I use water first in a spray bottle before sealing with a light butter or oil as the case may be. Trying to use a leave-in ends up in a waste because I'd have to use generous amounts which I'd rather not. Water just feels safe as I can moisture multiple times without worrying about build-up.

So, are there any practices that have worked for you overtime? That have been tested and trusted?

Love, kinks and knots


  1. Oh my, our hair practices are so alike. All four of them. And thaaank you for no.4, I just can't use a daily moisturiser or leave-in without water. Just can't. In fact I'm fine with water and a sealant.

  2. I was lazy last year, and I suffered for it. I shouldn't have experimented, and deviated from what was working for me. I don't think the much raved-about coconut oil prepoo treatment. Sometimes, I am not wise when it comes to my hair.

    1. Coconut oil prepoo's meh.

      How long have you been natural again? I think you need a hair cut.

    2. Lol, you are in the spirit. I cut my hair 2 weeks ago.

  3. If I don't moisturize (Spray bottle with water, leave-in conditioner, oils), give me 5 days and my hair becomes quite unmanageable.

    Also, stretching my hair at night via twists and/or bantu knots helps me manage the hair better.

  4. Hi ladies, just wanted to know if matting natural hair helps the hair grow or just makes it fuller.


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