Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 103

Fuel scarcity not just biting hard now, it is cutting off body parts. I thought last week was the worst it could get, but that was only child’s… or should I say infant’s play compared to my experience this week. From standing at the bus stop for almost two hours, to paying three times the amount of bus fare, I just hope it doesn’t get worse than this.

Dimeji and I wanted to go for an outing with his office colleagues this Saturday, but it was cancelled because many people couldn’t afford the luxury of fuelling their cars. They had to save whatever they had left in order to have something to get them to work on Monday.

I even heard that cost of making hair has gone up at the salons because there is no light, and fuel to power up the appliances is almost nonexistent. This is the time I have to give praise to God for my faithful twists – ever loyal, and never failing to come through for me in tight situations like this.

My friend told me about her friend with relaxed hair who went to a salon to dry her hair, and the stylists were timing the number of minutes customers spent on the dryer. Unfortunately for her, her hair is very full and thick. By the time she came out of the dryer, her hair wasn’t completely dry. She tried to complain, but the stylists kept insisting that it was okay. When she decided to take matters into her own hand, and go back under the dryer, another customer was already there.

Seeing her limp hair being forced into a style, she got angry and walked out of the salon. She went to another salon where she makes her hair sometimes, but they told her they couldn’t help her because they had no fuel! It was then she noticed that most people there were only braiding, fixing, and doing Ghana weaving. Everyone making styles that required electrical appliances were being turned back!

I am sure that in her mind, out of frustration, she must have been screaming and crying this way.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Times are getting somehow… I don’t want to use the word, hard, and even beauty is being affected, lol. As for me, I am laying low with my faithful twists.

I wonder how other people are coping with this situation.

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  1. This is definitely the time to learn how to do your own hair! Or wear wigs :D

    Berry Dakara Blog


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