Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 101

I think my hair has gotten to that stage where I absolutely have to switch up my regimen. I noticed that my hair growth has finally stagnated, and I have to make some well-needed changes. I have hit a major plateau, and have been seeing more breakage than usual. Long strands and short strands all over the place.

It is the quest for this ‘well-needed’ change that got my doing some strange things to my hair, after I promised myself not to try any strange concoctions. I hope they don’t backfire this time. I have bought some strange indian powders whose name I can’t even pronounce clearly. I got multanni miti, shikakai, bentonite, rhassoul, amla, kachnar, bhingraj, Gulab, and other strange sounding things.
If they claim these powders are the ones those beautiful indian women use, in order to have that type of long, flowy and luscious hair, then don’t I deserve such luxury too? At least, if I can't fix Indian hair, I can have my own version on my head.

When my powders arrived, the first difficulty I had was determining which is which. They all had strange Arabic-like looking writing on them, and the seller’s inscription which she used marker to write had started fading. I had to call the seller and ask her which was which. Imagine her saying the reddish brown powder is this, the greenish brown powder is that, the yellowish brown one is this, etc.

Why do Indian ayuverdic powders have to be so complicated?

After finally determining which was which, I had to start researching how and when to use each. When I got a bit confused, I decided to call the seller. She just basically sent me back to google, like I didn’t know google existed before I called her.

“But how do you use them?” I asked. “Maybe I can simply copy your regimen.”

“But I don’t use all that amount of ayuverdic powders. Who does that?”

"Hellooooo, I do." I almost opened my mouth to say.

“I use just about one or two.” She continued.

“Then why do you sell them if you don’t use them or like them?” I tackled her.

Because people like them, use them, and I guess it works for them, especially those with natural hair.” She said in a tone, which clearly meant I was meant to know this already, and shouldn’t be asking her.

And so I went back to google, and searched frantically. No way ignorance would stop me from reaching my hair goals of beautiful Indian hair.

After a couple of hours, I was able to determine which was for washing, clarifying, masking, the varying times we were supposed to leave them for, and the different preparation techniques. There were some which I found absolutely no information for them on the internet. I have kept those ones aside for the time when civilisation wakes up to their existence. I just hope they don’t expire before then.

And so, I started my ayuverdic concoction mess this weekend. I sure hope all my hair problems cease after all I am doing, and it will be worth the effort. I don’t know why we have to put all these messy dirty stuff on our hair, in order to have great hair. Eeewww.

I have heard that Beauty is Pain, but what I haven’t heard is the Beauty is Mess.

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