Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 100

The way I feel at the moment, I can’t remember feeling this way in a very looooonnnnnggggg time. I feel so weak, tired and totally worn out. The past week was so hectic that I almost dropped lack a sack every night I got home. Jumping overpriced buses after waiting for hours at the bus stop, in the season of fuel scarcity is not funny at all. I just pray this hectic season of my life comes to an end really soon because I can’t continue this way at all.

Will I ever get a car of my own? If yes, when? My current salary is not so encouraging, and if I subtract my expenses from my income, and save diligently save the rest in the absence of emergencies, it will take me about two years to buy a tokunbo car, and it wouldn’t be a very good one.

Another option is to pray Dimeji buys a car for himself, and dashes me the one he is currently using. Honestly, I am not very comfortable with that option. I am not such a fan of collecting such expensive gifts from boyfriends or girlfriends. Maybe when we get married, hopefully. I remember when we spoke recently.

“Anna, you sound so down.”

“Sweetheart, I am extremely fagged out.” I drawled. “I just want my bed to swallow me up right now. I was at the bus stop for close to two hours, standing.”

“Aww, sorry dear. I can imagine the stress. You should get a car o.”

“And how will I get a car?” I instantly became alert and defensive.

“At least, you are working.” He joked, knowing the true situation of things.

“Maybe you should find me a job with a better salary, or at least start a business so you can employ me and pay me armed robber salary.” I joked back.

“At least I got you one, and it is better than zero salary.”

“Well, maybe you should buy me a car then. My suffering is an inditement on you o.” I joked.

“Don’t worry. Car is a small thing. I will buy all these things for you one day.”

I hesitated and smiled. It had been a while since we talked futuristically, and his statement got me mushy all over again. Things have been looking up for us for a while, and I pray it continues this way.

The call ended after some more random sweet talks, and I remembered that I still needed a car!

My colleague Yemisi, the one with the crazy dyed short natural hair drives a very big car. She told me her fiancée bought it for her. I was practically envious until she told me they’ve been engaged for three years, and she spends almost all her time in his house, yet they still don’t have a wedding date. I maintained a calm demeanour, but in my mind, I was like this.

Wait What?
Some ladies of nowadays never cease to shock me. I immediately considered the car a great compensation for her ‘patience’ and told her she deserved it, and much more.

I admire Yemisi a lot because she is bold, brave and a go-getter, but if I dare try to be like her, my mother will divide me into twelve and scatter my body parts round all the tribes of Israel.

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  1. Tribes of Israel lol. It's well

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lmao!!! Tribes of Israel bawo?

  4. Tribes of Israel indeed... lmao!!!

    1. Haa. You don't know about the levite that divided his concubine's corpse into 12 and sent them to all the 12 tribes of Israel to pass across a message?

  5. Lol! No be small 12 tribes of Israel. Sounds like something my mum can consider doing.

  6. Week 100! Congrats on your consistency... you seem so real to me. As for Yemisi... no comment.

    1. Honestly, it is been challenging putting the diary up every week, but we have to do it. Thanks

  7. Life is like that sometimes.
    Its why we have to take the time to take good care of ourselves.

    God bless my sistah
    please take care of you


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