How I Used African Threading To Stretch My Natural Hair

Hello everyone!

Growing up, everyone and their mothers always threaded their hair. It became a default hairstyle of sorts for school girls. In fact, I once heard the style made hair grow hence the popularity. That wasn't enough for my mother as she particularly detested it so my hair was never threaded instead I was almost always under a hair dryer. So, imagine her reaction when I came out of my room like this

It was priceless! Anyways, I noticed this trend and I decided to give it a try. After my multani mitti treatment, I moisturized my hair using the LOC method, sectioned it and wrapped it. I forgot to buy black yarn and this was the only one available. It's not like I was going out of my house. Even when I did, I wore my satin bonnet. Anyways, I threaded my hair in the morning and left it for about 24hours after which I unwrapped and it came out like this

I'm not exactly thrilled with the result but I needed to re-install my marley twists do I had to take it down. I have a feeling that if I had left it for a longer  time - say 2-3 days - it would have been fully stretched. Then again, my shrinkage is about 70% so maybe this is. Anyways, I'm definitely gonna be trying it again. I love how soft and fluffy my hair was afterwards.

So, has anyone tried stretching their hair with African threading? What were your results?

Love, kinks and knots.


  1. Please what hair dye did you use and what's the name of the colour? Thanks
    On the topic.
    I've heard about stretching hair with threading but I'm wearing a protective style at the moment, will probably try it next time.
    Also, I watched a video on YouTube on how to use threading to stretch hair. It took her 2 days in total and the result was really good.
    I'll find the link and post it here lol.

    1. Henna/hibiscus.

      Like I said, the longer the better but I needed to take it down asap! It definitely would have turned out better if I had left it longer. That's why I would do it again.

  2. I have stretched my hair with African Threading before and the result was lovely. I'd be doing it frequently as a protective style.

  3. This is my go to stay at home protective styling. It streches my hair and makes it easier to comb. I use the black rubber thread tho!


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