Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 96

Okay, so after a very very very loooooooooonnnnnggg time, I finally went to a salon. I was so weary and not sure about what to expect, but I really need to bevause I badly wanted to do a certain style. I wanted to do this threading style, that cuts across between traditional igbo threading and modern updos. I went to a natural hair salon, and chose the threading that had brush patewo and the back and a side pompadour in front.

Surprisingly, it turned out far better than I had expected. I am not sure if I have gotten as much complements in a long time as I gotten because of this hair. I say surprisingly because this hair style is as traditional as they come. It is what we call an SU kind of look, something deeper lifers and MFM goers will love, yet it is trending in the mainstream natural hair industry.

I got compliments from my colleagues, bosses, friends, Dimeji, etc. I think I should consider visiting salons more often, but they can be sometimes expensive though.

So Tonya has told Sola about her almighty future plans for them. According to her, he was a bit confused as to why she would expect him to make such decision, especially now that they are engaged. She threw a little bit of tantrum, and he ended the call saying he would get back to her. I am beginning to think that Tonya is wiser than she lets on, but I think this is a battle she cannot win.

Things are going a bit well with Dimeji and I now, but I still feel we are not as connected as we used to be at a certain time in the relationship. I guess we have to work through this up and down.

So yemisi, my crazy colleague, said she wants to dye her TWA burnt orange. I asked her if it was allowed in the company. She said she doesn’t know but even if it was not, it will be by the time she implements her plan. According to her, she won’t go from black straight to wine. She will move in stages, from black to dark brown, to light brown, and finally to burnt orange.

I just opened my mouth flabbergasted.

Olivia Wilde Wow
Even if I were open to dying my hair, which I currently am not, I don’t think I have the guts to strategise how to get people to accept my hair decision. Anyway, for someone like Yemisi, it is obvious that she treats her hair like an accessory, and rocks it to fit her current mood, so she must be used to these kinds of things. Her actions will definitely be taking the shine off me, so I can break the hair rules in peace.

This is saying cheers to a healthy hair journey in the office environment.

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