5 Bad Habits That Lead To Hair Breakage

Hello everyone!

There are some things we do - consciously or unconsciously that lead to breakage. Some habits that we haven't been able to do away with, that has become a norm of sorts. Unknown to us, they are making us lose hair.

Some of which include:

1. Using a cotton towel.
There's a reason why tees and Microfibre towels are recommended. Apart from the fact that it lessens the chances of breakage, cotton towels are known to absorb all of the moisture thereby drying out your hair which in turn leads to breakage. Same goes with cotton sheets.

2. Combing dry hair.
I'm really tired of folks complaining about the texture of their hair when the only thing they do on a daily basis is to comb their dry hair. Whatever way you want to see it, combing dry natural hair will lead to breakage. It doesn't cost you anything to dampen your hair before combing.

3. Using sulphate shampoo.
Obviously, this will strip your hair leaving it dry and brittle. I know that there's a school of thought that advocates using sulphate shampoos occasionally for clarifying. If you're going to do that, make sure you prepoo at least.

4. Using rat-tail comb to style your hair.
Remember that rat-tail comb those stylists used to style our hair when we were relaxed? Yeah? Throw it away! How can you even manage to pass that comb through your curls and kinks? Of course it will break your hair and the comb.

5. Abandoning your hair under protective styles.
Anytime, I feel like forgetting to moisturize my hair under extensions, two words start ringing in my kind; breakage and damage. This is enough incentive to push me but I can't speak for everyone. Many of us are consciously or unconsciously guilty of this.

So, which of this habits do you own up to?

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Love,kinks and knots


  1. I have this feeling that spritzing my hair with a weave on might lead to smells. Nd I partially abandon my hair in braids 2 *hides face*

    1. Aww. Try moisturising in extensions, and see what different that action will make when you take the extensions off.

  2. So true. I always moisturize my hair under protective styles and because it's super dense, it gets some kind of weird smell. But taking out the style after makes me smile because of the progress my hair has made!:)


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