3 Reasons for Dry Ends in Natural Hair

By DiscoveringNatural
If you are struggling with dry ends in your child's hair, you are not alone. There are several reasons why the ends of the hair can feel drier than the other parts.

Reason 1: The ends are not being moisturized and sealed properly

With the ends of the hair being the oldest part of the hair and the nature of our hair, this section will be the driest part. It also needs more care in order to retain length. When you moisturize the hair, add more moisture to the ends of the hair. Sealing the hair is an act of applying either a thick butter like shea butter or a thick oil like castor oil to "lock" in the moisture.

How to moisture and seal  in moisture: Click here or watch below:

Reason 2:  Time to trim

If you  find it difficult to moisturize your child's hair after trying all necessary suggested techniques, it could be the ends are damaged and need to be trimmed. Trimming helps with preventing issues such as split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and affecting the entire length of hair.

How to trim: Click here or watch below

Reason 3: Protect the ends

It's fun to let your child's hair be free and in its afro state, however, that can cause the ends to be damaged. Protecting the ends of the hair can prevent it from becoming dry. You can do a simple protective style such as twists with bantu loops at the ends. This helps hide the ends and keep it from the elements such as hot weather and wear and tear from gliding on clothes.

How to do Bantu Loops: Click here or watch below:

What other tips do you have for dealing with dry ends?


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