Hairspiration: Ancient African Natural Hairstyles that can Inspire you

Hello Naturalistas, 

Crawling the walls of the internet for some inspiration and I saw an African style and I decided to check more to see. The most common one we know is Threading but there are a lot of other nice African hairstyles (some I can't put here because the women also don't wear cloths -__-) 

Here are some of the ones that caught my eyes. Be Inspired!

*I tried to see if I could get some background history or where the hairstyles are originated from but history is lost 

Are those twists? Would love to see this mordernized

This is from Egypt. I love this one

For those without edges *doges comb*

Pimp out your threading

I love the top of this one.
Which is your favourite?


  1. I'm between 3 and 5 . So pretty .

  2. lol @ "...cos the women don't wear clothes" I would rock the 6th picture for a wedding or special ocassions hehehe

  3. They are really artistic. And it takes a while to complete them.

  4. I love the first picture.
    She looks like royalty.

  5. i like the plaited one

  6. 1&3 These are all like plaited crowns :D

  7. The third picture actually originated from Eritrea/Ethiopia and not Egypt.


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