Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 95

Saturday was the general presidential elections. My hair suffered indeed. I stayed under the sun for nothing less than a total of 5 hours. Sometimes, some things have to give way. It is just once in four years, and it was either I responded to my love for my country or my love for my hair. This time, the country won hands down.

My hair was in twists, which I properly moisturised and sealed when I left home. I believe it was even looking silky and shiny, or what better way to flaunt my natural hair to the whole world than on election. It is free crowd for my hair, and thank God, my hair is non-partisan because unlike some extensions, it doesn’t look like a broom, neither does it look like an umbrella. So I guess I am free.

By the time I reached my polling unit, there was a little chaos because of the card that wasn’t working for a few people, but it worked for most people. There were a lot of people there as it was a major polling unit. I joined the queue at about 11.30 am, under the hot sun and was there till few minutes to 1pm. By the time I was done, my hair was feeling like a rock. It was so hard that it could snap into two like a carrot, should anyone decide to tamper with it. It was difficult believing it was the same moist and soft hair few hours ago.

I went home, rearmed myself hair some moisture. This time, I added glycerine to the mix – a little too much. I stay away from glycerine most times because of the porosity of my hair, but I guess I really needed it this time around.

Around some minutes past 2pm, I went out to cast my vote. I even carried a spray bottle along with me, just in case of anything. I stayed on the queue for another one hour. My hair wasn’t dry at all. If at all, the opposite happened. It was wet all through, and the twists even started to unravel a bit after a while. I blamed this on the overdose of glycerine. I should have applied just a little. But anyway, I still remain a winner since I have voted.

After voting, I stayed somewhere around the polling unit, observing and gisting with my brothers and some other neighbours about the elections. The hair still remained wet. After sometime, the sun pitied me and receded on us. I got home later and cleaned whatever wetness was left away.

I guess we can’t always win all the time when it comes to hair care. Sometimes, some things just have to give for the others. This time, my hair paid the sacrifice.

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  1. the gif made the whole post lol

  2. I hope the best man wins...
    but I don't understand o.... why do we have issues with our hair in the sun when its summer throughout in Nigeria?
    This natural hair sef...


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