Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 92

I can honestly say that I am extremely unhappy. This is the first time I have been depressed this year. Things are just not going right, which is strange considering the fact that as at last week, I felt everything was going on right.

The fall in naira and downward turn of the economy is really getting on my nerves. A foreign company I did a side job for while I was unemployed posted a cheque to me, and at the moment, it is missing. It is showing on their system as paid, but I have not seen it.

This is the wrongest time such thing should be happening to me, as I am completely broke. I was really banking on the money, as it is a lot.

My mum’s business is not doing so well at the moment. She sells interior decoration materials. Many of the prices of her items have increased due to the current dollar rate, yet, her customers have reduced, since her business is based on what people can live without.

I am not as close to Dimeji as I used to be. We used to be best of friends, talking about everything and anything. But nowadays, we just talk routinely at night, and we hardly find words to say to each other, one person always eager to pass the ball to the other person. This led to resentment on my part, which then led to resentment on his part, and then back and forth that way. The whole thing is just getting messy, and I don’t even know what to do. We now argue more than we ever did in the past
If anyone asks me, I think it is due to many unresolved conflicts, which led to us bottling up so much, eventually creating a wide communication gap that both parties couldn’t be bothered to fill. As at now, the gap is so wide that we would need to invest heavily to build bridges, in order to reach each other again.

I have acne all over my face, chest and shoulders, and it is causing terrible spots seeing that I am not one who is disciplined enough to keep my hands from pressing them.

Everything just seems to be going somehow, and it is really causing me to be sad.

Maybe I should focus on the fact that I have been getting nice compliments about my hair since I started work last week.

Anyway, for now, I am just tired, and want things to turn around for me.

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  1. Things always get bad before that get better, this only means a very good thing is coming your way just have faith and believe in God. The Lord is your strength. That being said it's awesome that you don't have hair problems at your office whoop whoop

    1. Yes o. At least, there has to be a silver lining in the whole thing.

  2. Count your blessings bae, you'll see that you have more to be thankful for and this would put you in the position for more blessings. Like Ore said, after the storm there's a calm.

  3. Here's a big big hug. ({})
    Sometimes things just seem to be that way but only for a while. Everything plus the acne- could be hormonal. Give it a little time and see. Pray for joy.
    And I think you and Dimeji should get some face time. Maybe go on a date cos having just phone calls can account for the distance

    1. Face time cures much more relationship problems than people expect.

  4. aww dear... take a hug.... one step at a time n things will be fine..


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