Coffee for Natural Hair

In the Natural Hair world, we all know that there are different kinds of mixes, ingredients, combinations and more that are made to combat hair issues, or progress healthy hair. The world of Ayurveda and natural herbs has grown; more and more people are looking for organic products and processes that will aid them in their hair journey. I was going through Facebook the other day and came across a post that mentioned using coffee on natural hair. I almost spat my coffee out in laughter :p It's bad enough that I don't want to give up my precious tea and bananas and avocados for DIY mixes, and now someone's throwing coffee into the mix?!
Regardless of whether it's something I will try or not, I decided to research some of the reasons why coffee can be good for natural hair.

  1. A study found that caffeine blocks the hormone for hair loss
  2. Stimulates hair growth
  3. Reduces shedding
  4. For some, coffee can darken the hair color (and cover up greys)
  5. You can lightly rub coffee granules into your scalp for exfoliation
For 2 recipes to make Coffee Oil or a Coffee Rinse, click here

Is this something you have tried before? What was your experience like? If you haven't tried it, do you think you would?

Have a nice weekend, while I go make a nice cup of coffee to DRINK :p


  1. I have tried it,it works! I experience significantly less shedding. I do long term protective styling and let my hair loose for about a month in between. I get lots of shed hair when I take down my PS and coffee rinses really help.

  2. It's mainly the caffeine in the coffee that the hair benefits from.

    I think very soon, we will be looking for food that cannot be used on hair, because now, it seems everything can be used on hair - bear, malt, oats, etc.

  3. I do too and it works. Is there any food you can't put in your hair sha?
    Coffee is easy because I don't drink it, but I've not been able to use my red berry or hibiscus tea on my hair. Too precious.

  4. I've tried the coffee rinse, it really works. It reduces shedding and also leaves your hair soft compared to tea bag rinse...

  5. Coffee? Well that's a new one. Thanks for sharing!


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