5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing

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There are times when we feel our hair isn't growing at all or at the rate at which we want. It happens to the best of us. There are also times when this supposed ''stunted growth' is as a result of shrinkage or sheer negligence on our part. More often than not, it's the latter.

So, in case you're still wondering why your hair isn't growing, here are five reasons why:

1. You're not retaining length.
It's one thing for your hair to grow, it's entirely another for to retain length. While your hair grows on its own, it's your job to retain the length it has grown. So, if you feel you're hair isn't growing, you need to cross check and fix your length retention techniques.

2. You're using too many products at the same damn time.
It's science. When you're using too many products at the same time, you're clogging your pores. Yes, it's good to try new things but give it time; space them out. Let your hair breathe and benefit from one product at at time.

3. You are non-chalant about your regimen.
A lot of folks often neglect their hair and then after a while they start complaining about the growth process of their hair forgetting than the hair has previously suffered. Times like this, your hair might actually be growing but you're not seeing it because you aren't taking care of it. Really, it's quite simple.

4. Too much manipulation.
It's not a crime to style and leave your hair out on a daily basis. Just try and reduce the manipulation and opt for protective styles that can last from 3 days - a week. That way you can rock your hair and not suffer from excess breakage which might lead to stunted growth.

5. Wrong measurement.
This is where shrinkage comes in. You might think that your hair isn't growing because it has remained the same for the last couple of months whereas your length checks aren't done correctly. Natural hair is elastic in nature so the shrinkage is inevitable. You should measure your length with stretched hair. That way you would get more accurate results plus you could take pictures too to document it.

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  1. Number 2 to 4 all leads to number 1. You scammed us on number 5, lol.


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