Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 88

My interview was great. Well, I believe it was. I met the MD, who was not as intimidating as I had envisaged him to be. As I had previously decided, I wore my hair in goddess braid, and in my opinion, I looked good. No comment was made about my hair during the interview, it was just strictly about the job they were interviewing me for. I hope they call me back, even though I am still hoping for better options.

So… I don’t even know what to say. My mouth has been open for the past three days, my jaw being in a state of constant drop.




I am flabbergasted and overwhelmed! Yes, Sola proposed to her o. The relationship is not even up to six months, and she is already engaged, while I am still stringing along with Dimeji, not that I am jealous sha.

She had called me on Thursday

“Anna guess what.” She started, with a very energetic voice.

“What? You are going back to the states?”

“No, it is good news.”

“Yes, that is why I asked if you are going back.”

“No jo.” She said. Her ‘jo’ addition was a pointer to the fact that I was ‘nigerianising’ her too much, and she needed to go back asap.

“Okay what? I can’t think of any good news at this point. You already have a job, and you are not going back. So just tell me.”

“Anna, I am engaged.” She shrieked excitedly

“Whaaattt? To who?” I asked foolishly

“Ahn ahn. What do you mean to whom? Who else? Sola of course.”

“Are you serious?” The shock I was in was indescribable.

“Of course, I am. Will I be joking with something that sensitive? He proposed to me about an hour ago. We just parted, and you are the first person I’m calling.”

“And what did you say? I mean what was your reply to him?” I asked.

“You are joking, with that question. Right? Tell me you are joking.” The excitement started waning from her voice.

“Wait wait. But… but don’t you think it is too soon? It’s just what? Five months, if I am not mistaken.” I wasn’t sure it was shock, confusion, or jealousy at work, but I found it hard to be excited for her.

Wait, What?
“Anna, too soon? No. he loves me, and is sure he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. What else would we be waiting for?”

“Or is it… are you… you are not pregnant, right? Gosh, tell me you are not PREGNANT.” I screamed.

“Anna, calm down! Why are you shouting?” she reprimanded. “I am not pregnant. What’s wrong? Is it so difficult for you to just accept that Sola and I really love each other, and have realised soon enough that we are meant for each other?” she queried suspiciously.

“Oh, really?” I felt stupid. “I guess congratulations are in order then. Congrats to you and sola, I am really happy for you guys.” I lied through my scepticism, but I’m sure she knew how I really felt.

Imagine that I had been thinking the honeymoon phase would be over, after which she would change her mind and return to the states. This eligible bachelor found a way to pin her down without thinking twice. I am sure this would be the latest news in the media for some time to cool. “Suave, calm, and handsome TV Presenter, Sola Matthews engaged to his beautiful daughter-of-a-billionaire mixed race girlfriend.”

Honestly, I am still finding it hard to be happy for them.

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  1. Congratulations on the job I really hope you get it . As for Tonya ... serious side eye ... I won't say more

  2. Congrats on your Interview, but we for like see the goddess braids though.

    Tonya. Hmmm. Can't be happy for her either. But what can you do? ... Bless her future and watch

  3. Congrats on the job interview, hoping you'll get it too.

    For Tonya, just start scouting for good tailors for your maid of honour gown.

    1. Aren't we jumping the gun here? She has sisters, you know.


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