Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 86

Thanks to everyone who advised me concerning my hairstyling issues last week. I think I will go with goddess braids. It is very simple, yet always makes ladies’ face and hair look cute. Wish me the best because I would definitely need it. I am just tired of sitting at home - Since November. It is not getting funny anymore.

As you might know, I am not really a fan of going to salons. I would rather stay home and do my own imperfect hairstyles, (though I believe I will be going to the salon for the goddess braids, because as simple as it is, I cannot make it myself).

Anyway, there is this other friend of mine who is also natural, but not Tonya. She goes to salon every two weeks. As in, she’s the laziest natural I have ever come across. I doubt she even knows how to pin her hair. Anyway, that is not the point. The point of this diary entry is the gossip I want to write down.

My friend, being of the Yoruba tribe, sits in this favourite salon of hers, to make flat twists on both sides of her hair, with twists in the middle. Shortly after, a more matured woman walked in to the salon with a man. She had a friendly demeanour, and was obviously a regular customer, with the way she greeted the stylists, and addressed them all by name. She looked like someone from the eastern part of Nigeria (Igbo tribe). All these, my friend told me.

Later, the stylists, four in total, two working on my friend’s hair, and two on the woman’s hair started gossiping about the woman in Yoruba. They knew my friend understood Yoruba, but they didn’t care. They were basically abusing this much more matured woman, and talking of how she is married, yet in an affair with this other man that followed her to the salon, and how she was in an affair with one other man before this current man. They said things like “wicked woman, deceitful woman, prostitute, wonders will never end” all in Yoruba.

My friend just listened to all their gossip but never commented, when all of a sudden, the woman in question got up, picked her bag, and called the owner of the salon on the phone, right in the presence of the stylists.
To paraphrase what she said “I am calling you just because I respect you. I will never walk into your salon again in my life. Can you imagine that your stylists, right in my presence insulted me in Yoruba, calling me all sorts of names, and talking about my personal life? I admit I don’t understand Yoruba well, but I think I have stayed in Lagos long enough to pick one or two words. I mean, these girls don’t know anything about my marital life or what I am going through, yet they all stand over my head, and pass judgement. I just called to inform you because I have met you personally one or two times, and I think you are a nice person. Goodbye.”

Shut Up
The stylists just stood there flabbergasted, with their mouths opened. It wasn’t until the woman and the man walked out of the door that they ran after her with cries of “Madam, sorry o. No be like that.” but the deed was already done. I mean this woman walked out with her hair looking like that of a mad woman, half done. I guess she couldn’t stand it again.

As for my friend, she was shocked at the drama unfolding in front of her. She said she felt she was watching a movie.

See how people’s staff can just ruin the businesses that took sweat to build. Remember I had an incident of my own with stylists here. Although I admit mine was not as nerve-wrecking as that woman’s own.

Anyway, that is the end of my gossip… For now.

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  1. Hahahahaha that is one serious something. stylists sha. Thatz aw they behave (well the ones that don't mind their business) . Once they feel u don't understand a particular language, they wud start their gossip so u don't understand. Yimmu I av witnessed abt two wen the stylists tot I was igbo cos all my responses were in english. See shock wen I replied them finally, lol... it happens everywhere. This post got me laughing oh. Well done

  2. Oh wow ... they just lost their jobs .... success on your interview God will see you thru

    1. Hmm. You sure? How are you sure the new stylists won't be worse.

  3. hmm seriously. thts how they act at times...very bad. talking and pouring saliva all over the hair you took time to wash... smh

  4. Babe, the salon is a gossip depot. If u want to get gist abt everyone in your neighborhood, go to d salon. Meanwhile, all d best on your interview.

  5. Wow. I always knew they start the second the topic of the day shuts the door behind her but right before the person? Just wow. They should be fired.

    1. Yeah, that's what make this one worse. In front of her.


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