Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 85

Wow, I have good news. I got a call from the company today, i.e. the company where water therapy disgraced me, when I had the opportunity to make an ally, using my natural hair skills. Although the call was not to inform me that I had gotten the job, but that I should come for the final stage of interview, in which the MD would be present.

I am always a bit wary about jobs where we have to meet the MDs of companies to get employed. It always comes across to me like they don’t have good recruitment policies with which the MD can trust the process and controls, or the MD is a micromanager, or just plain jobless. Anyway, I need a job now, so I will pity them, and not use this weakness against them, lol. Off to think of what hairstyle to do for the final interview. There is no use covering my hair up, when I know I will be letting my hair out if I finally get to work for them.

Also, I think I am getting tired of my braids. Plus by the time the interview is here, my braids will be really rough and old. The interview is in three weeks’ time. I guess that’s when the MD will be around. I mean, I had even forgotten about that company. It took so long for them to call me back that I had already assumed I had no chance with them.

I really have mixed feelings about the company. Dimeji is happy about it, and really wants me to work with them. He says I have a good chance with them, and joblessness is not really suitable for my kind of person. I just think it’s a nice way of him saying I am driving him nuts, and getting a job will make sure he doesn’t have to deal with my craze and wild imaginations.

Anyway, so I am wondering what to do to my hair for this interview. I really really want to wear my hair out. I also don’t want to do the usual boring natural hairstyles like twists. I want something that says, “Yes it is natural, but still beautiful. It is not flamboyant, but still classy, and at the same time, corporate.”

Bantu knot out is my most failed hairstyle, so I don’t want to risk it, and find out that morning that it is a massive failure.

Bantu knots always reminds me of my grandmother when she was about 58. I’m not doing it.

Twists are just boooorrring. Without accessories, it is too simple to make the impression I want it to make

Afro is just too wild for me this time around. The MD might just think I will start a revolution in his company, and bans me before he has the chance to hear me out.

Shall Not Pass
Roll tuck and pin might come out looking really good, or might make me look like SU, which I am not.

Packing my hair in pineapple style? No!!! Someone might just ask the usual stupid question “when are you getting your hair done?”

So what to do oooo??? For now, I am still thinking. I am sure that when the time is really near, a nice idea will pop into my head.

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  1. yay happy dancing for you , i really hope you get the job . may be u should try a classic pin up look . let you hair speak volumes you know eg;

  2. Crotchet braid is your hair saviour. All weather. Trust me on this one.

  3. Yes a sleek and classy highbun. Very professional or a cute goddess braid try n bring it low to cover your face a bit. Go girl

    1. Goddess braid is really great, and not too flamboyant. Nice

  4. Yup I agree with the bun. Lmao @ that gif! You are just too much Anna *tears*
    I really hope you get it. I mean, you could end up liking it and can always move if you get something you like better


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