Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 83

Happy new year to me and everyone. May the year 2015 be our best year yet. I spent new years day indoors, reflecting about my life, and the changes I want to see this year. I set goals, instead of making resolutions.

After making decisions about my career and spiritual life, I did so about my hair.

Even though my hair does not define me, it is a part of me, and as such, I must treat it that way – something important!

This year of 2015…
  • I would be more deliberate about hair care
  • I would be less experimental. (I don’t need to try everything being raved about on the internet.)
  • I would take note of the things that work best for me, and stick to them
  • I would create a good regimen, and try my best to stick with it
  • I would not put my hair needs above my love life. (Dimeji has tried enough, lol.)
  • I would be less defensive about my hair to others. (Some people are annoying, though.)
  • I would understand that there much more important things in life than hair.

I wrote down this list, excluding the description in bracket, and hanged it up, beside my mirror. The next day, Dimeji came to my room, and saw the list. He burst into laughter.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“Anna, look at the last resolution you made.” He pointed to it, and kept laughing.

“It is not a resolution, it is a goal.” I snapped.

“My bad. Okay, look at the last ‘goal’ you set.” He smiled.

“I can see it. I was the one who set it.”

“I just find it very funny that you hung up a list about your hair resolutions, after you came to the conclusion that there much more important things in life than hair. I mean who does that?”

Even though I knew he was right, I eyed him still.

Before I knew it, he took down the list, shred it, and thrashed it in the bin. He drew me closer, hugged me tightly, and said “Baby, there really are more important things than hair, and that hair list isn’t one of them.”

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