African Naturalistas Bride: Aisha of My Fro And I

Hey everyone,

Remember in my last post of 2014, I said 2014 was the Year of the Natural Hair Bride? Well, there was one wedding I had looked forward to seeing pictures of. Aisha, who is a natural hair blogger in South Africa, got married in December and she just shared her pictures in a series of posts on her blog. The first part was the Traditional Wedding; the second was about her Bridal Shower; the third talked about her and her husband's Love Story, which is sooooooo cute! And I must admit I got teary-eyed at the White Wedding pictures - yes, I'm a sappy romantic sometimes.

Aisha has very graciously given me permission to share some of her photos (Thanks Lady!) and I know you will be just as enchanted with her and her hubby as I was.

FUN FACT: Her 30 Updos in 30 Days was my inspiration for 31 DaysofKinkz in 2014, and Natural Hairstyles for 31 Days in 2013.

Aisha is actually Tanzanian. In her religion, for this ceremony, the bride is required to cover her hair. 


They are such a good-looking couple! And get this, they have been together for over 10 years!


Isn't her dress so pretty?!
Gorgeous Couple
*All photos were linked from Please ask for her permission directly to use any pictures. The white wedding photos were by Darrell Fraser*

Okay, I can't give everything away. Hop on over to Aisha's blog to catch her wedding posts, and there was wedding day hair drama with her stylist, so definitely check it out.

CONGRATULATIONS to the beautiful Aisha. May your home be filled with unconditional love, joy, and peace.

If you're getting married this year and want your engagement, pre-wedding, and/or wedding pictures featured, please email me with the Subject Line: AN Bride. My email address is

Berry Dakara.


  1. I immediately click on her page and oh my gosh she is so it.
    Lovely hair and all.

    1. Very lovely hair and she's very creative too.

  2. so pretty! may God blessed they marriage.

  3. what a beautiful bride. I <3 the b/w pic

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