The Lazy Natural

At different times you might have seen me refer to myself as a Lazy Natural. Visit other natural hair websites, or social media accounts, and you'll come across several people calling themselves Lazy Naturals. There are even things like the Lazy Naturals Hair Guide, and even blogs that cater specifically to lazy naturals.

So what is a lazy natural? 
There's no actual definition, but if you were to ask me why I consider myself a Lazy Natural, I would say that it's because I don't appreciate or adhere to the amount of time, energy, products and maybe even stress that most naturals put into their hair care regimen. For instance, where a lot of guides say that natural hair should be cowashed once a week, and washed/DC'd weekly as well, I find that I'd much rather wash my hair every 2 weeks. I make sure to moisturize in between that time frame with my handy dandy spray bottle mix though.

For someone like me, my 'regimen' consists of:

WASH DAY (every 2 weeks)
1. Prepoo and detangle with coconut or olive oil
2. DC with my African Naturalistas Deep Conditioner
3. Wash hair and rinse
4. Moisturize hair using one of the LOC variations, depending on how much moisture I think I need.

1. Spray my hair with my mix or simply use leave-in conditioner

1. Sleep with a scarf, although lately, I've been putting a shower cap on, and then tying the scarf (called the Green House effect - which I will post about sometime soon).

1. Bun or Grecian Crown if my hair is out. Otherwise, wig it.

lazy natural
Lazy Natural hair style from Nappily Nigerian Girl, who is by no means a lazy natural :)
Apart from me, I know of one other blogger who says she washes her hair just ONCE A MONTH, and hasn't DC'd her hair in over a year! You'd think that maybe she has scraggly hair, but far from it. Her hair is magnificently full and long!

I'm not telling you to ditch your routine - some heads of hair actually need the constant care and weekly attention. However, it's not the end of the world if you start to get lazy. The bottom line is that you should do what works for your hair. Check your hair regularly - if it's not growing or you develop an itchy scalp or dandruff, and your hair is breaking or shedding more than usual, PLEASE leave the lazy life and get with a regular regimen!

There are consequences if you're too lazy with your hair care regimen. This post on BGLH talks about the damage you can cause with your lazy natural hair habits.

Have a nice weekend, and Merry Christmas in advance!
Berry Dakara.


  1. That's a pretty nifty routine you have down there. I've been doing this hair journey thing for two years now, weekly wash day is just in my blood. lol.

  2. Ha! i thot i was the only one but i think i need to get on a regular regiment as my scalp isnt healthy.

  3. I'm definitely a lazy natural, going by your description, lol. I Think we should all have realistic hair regimens, developed around our schedule.

  4. Mehn the lazy natural life isn't for me at all.
    I rarely skip a week and when I do, my hair rises up in protest. I really miss my mid-week cowash and it shows but my schedule won't allow it back in my regimen, so I agree with AN Hair Products.

  5. I saw the title and I was happy to find a partner.
    I hate wash days. literally. I hate to do laundry, to wash plates e.t.c. washing my hair joins the list.
    Natural hair especially because of my 4c shrinkage and styling after.
    Thank you Jesus for wigs, weaves and braids.

  6. From your description, i think I'm a lazier natural. I wash every two weeks and use leave in conditioner. Spritz with water and apply oil in between....oh and i DC whenever i remember and if i have time.


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