Natural Hair And Your Budget

Hello everyone!

I would like to address something I've noticed overtime especially on social media platforms like Twitter. Often times, I see tweets about how natural hair is an expensive venture like the one below. This complaints most likely leads to frustration of sorts.

Now, many people clearly do not realize that this natural hair business is a personal thing. Yes, we all agree that there's more awareness and the community is increasing by the day but that doesn't mean you should lose yourself over it.

Everybody wants to join the bandwagon especially when it comes to products when they clearly cannot afford it. They want to able to flaunt and be affiliated with the various popular brands. They're not conscious of the fact that some of this products might not even work for you. It's all about trial and errors. So what is the point?

Cut your coat according to your size.

This might seem like a sort of cliché but we need to have this at the back of our minds. Unfortunately, natural hair product companies are not exactly popular. We do not have that many local businesses catering solely for the needs of naturals especially since it's not mainstream yet. Except for some brands like African Naturalistas. We need to get to a point that we can buy these products over the counter or in our local drugstores just like relaxers.

In the mean time, it's important to learn to shop -just like you would with everything else- according to your budget.

But first, what is your budget? Trust me, it is very very easy to get carried away with products. Heck! It's even the easiest thing hence the need for a budget. You need to allocate a particular amount for products and follow it religiously. Yes, it that serious.

Next, study your hair. Know the kind of products that are applicable and whatnot. Find out what works for your hair and stick to it. Product junkism might not allow your hair thrive.

Read product reviews. This is one habit I've imbibed this year. Before buying anything, I check reviews online. Google it and streamline the reviews to suit your location. Trust me, it has saved me a whole lot of money. Often times, some of these products are just hype, nothing else.

Finally, you really do not need to go overboard as along as you have the basics.You could always concort a few recipes for that DC mix which is often always more effective. From time to time, when you feel the need to switch things up or even try new products, go right ahead and splurge as you so desire. Afterall, variety is the spice of life. 

You can totally manage your natural hair on your budget.Don't let anyone convince or tell you otherwise. 

Over to you, do you have a budget for your natural hair? How have you been able to curb excessive spending on natural hair products?

Love, kinks and knots. 



  1. This is an excellent post. These are great tips for anyone thinking about buying products. The key point is "Cut your coat according to your size". Well done.

    Don't Touch The Hair

  2. Great post. I don't have a budget. Luckily since I write here, I get products quarterly, and I go through my regimen 2ce a month, so I usually have enough (sometimes too much). A friend of mine was also a product junkie and when she moved houses, I collected a store's worth of free products.

    I do buy every now and then, but apart from AN products, I wait until I travel and buy one or two things at a time.

  3. Thanks so much for this article. A couple of friends say they are discouraged because they do not have the budget to maintain natural hair. I believe so much in DIY and am getting along with it. I also watch YouTube videos on how to style my hair to work. Its been wonderful. Rather than spend so much I have been able to cut down on hair expenses.

  4. I love the tips here and am doing a lot of DIY.
    but sometimes I just cant help it and I want to buy.

    1. Oh you're free to buy.

      All we're saying is be frugal.

  5. Like u said, cut ur coat according to ur size. Sometimes when I'm feeling rich I will go and buy an expensive product but at the end of the day, I stick with my cheap stuff because I no wan give myself headache abeg. I can't afford to use Shea Moisture or other high end brands exclusively so why not find cheaper things that work well too

    1. Funny enough, both cheap and expensive products contain the same ingredients. Most times, it's the packaging and shipping that affects the price so what's the point?


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