How to Wash Kids Natural Hair Without Tears

How to Wash Kids Natural hair
By DiscoveringNatural
In my blog post last week, I discussed and demonstrated how to detangle your child's hair effectively. Today, I will show you an easy way to wash your child's natural hair without tears.

Before starting the process of washing your child's natural hair, you have to first determine what you will use to wash the hair. For my children, it is usually between doing a co-wash, shampoo wash, or a clarifying wash. Don't worry, in upcoming blog posts, we will get more in-depth in each of these types of washes. However, here is a brief synopsis:

Co-wash: Washing with a cleansing conditioner.
Shampoo Wash: Washing with shampoo (Sulfate-free/Sulfate)
Clarifying Wash: Washing with a clarifying shampoo or cleanser.

After determining what to use, the next step is to find the right location to wash the hair. To learn more about 3 kids-friendly locations to wash hair, Click Here.

Next, is the wash process. when it comes to washing hair, remember that the scalp is the most important part that needs to be cleansed. If the scalp is covered with product buildup and dirt, it does not provide for an healthy place for hair to grow from. This in fact can stunt hair growth. First cleanse the scalp and then the hair.

In the video below, I demonstrate how I do a Shampoo Wash on your daughter's hair.

How do you wash your child's natural hair? Share your tips below.

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