5 Things I Don't Miss About Relaxed Hair

Hello everyone! 

It's good to be back! 

One of the pros of natural hair is definitely the fact that it's stress-free. Yes, once you get a hang of it, you can easily find your way around things with little or no hassle. Also, there are a number of things you don't need to worry about anymore that might have been an issue in the past especially during your relaxed days.

Here are 5 things that I don't miss about the creamy crack;

1. The type of relaxer to use. This was one of the problems I encountered during my relaxed days. I was totally clueless about the different types of relaxers and whatnot so I just used whatever I saw and boy, am I glad that phrase is over.

2. The period between relaxer-touch ups. I'm particularly happy that I do not have to calculate the intervals between touch-ups. I never got it right.

3. The pain of the scalp burns.  I haven't been exactly lucky with relaxers. The worst experience I had was just after my high school graduation. I was in such a hurry to relax my hair that I ended up with severe burns both on my scalp that extended to my nape. It was so bad that I couldn't touch my hair for more than a month until it healed up completely thanks to shea butter. I think that was the point I had a paradigm shift about this relaxer business. It was horrible!

4. Split ends, damaged hair and stunted growth. Eventually, these things pushed me to make a decision that would have a major influence on my life.

5. The excruciating heat from the dryer during roller sets. I've been going under the dryer as early as the age of eight and overtime I gradually detested it and salons in general.

Aside from the smooth and sleek texture of relaxed hair, I don't miss it at all. Recently I had a conversation with my friend whom I also convinced to go natural and we both reached a conclusion that relaxers are tortuous. Yes it was that bad.

Over to you!

What are those things that you don't miss during your relaxed days?

Next time, I'll be sharing some of things I love about being natural.

Love, kinks and knots.


  1. I'm with you on 2&5 all the waay!!!

    Oh, I so don't miss those sha. I miss my long hair sha.

    1. You had long hair. You were lucky. I never did.

  2. I don't miss the broken and thin hair, having to remember to actually touch up...and I certainly don't miss that anxious feeling when you are shampooing out the relaxer for the 30th time and the suds are still pink!

  3. 1. The type of relaxer to use. - This is now replaced with the type of oils, relaxers, conditioners, moisturizers, etc to use :p

    I don't miss stunted hair


  4. I don't miss the way my hair was too light. Thick and curly does it for me.
    I also don't miss how it just never looked right no matter how i styled it...the versatility of unrelaxed hair is just amazing.

  5. i so dont miss the scalp burnings and split ends.

  6. Still transitioning, but I don't miss ALL the above. Whew!
    What I miss is seeing my length and sleek, effortless hair (still getting the hang of this new stage of hair life)

    1. You'll be fine plus you can always flat iron when you need to.

  7. If I tell you I used to cry under the dryer, would you believe? As in full-grown adult o, crying. My scalp burns and heat were that bad. I can never return to relaxers, lai lai.

  8. the lifeless look of relaxed hair drenched in water....i dont miss it one bit

  9. I have suffered from scalp burns several times which increased itching of my scalp cos I cud nt help touching the burn even after putting vaseline. I even had blisters around my forehead at some point. I sure don't miss that. I don't even miss the smell of relaxers either yuck!

  10. I was a relaxer whore as my hair tends to stop responding to a particular product after 2 usages. From kit to non-kits. I don't miss that at all! Heheheheheeheee!!!

  11. The unnecessary pull of the hair and combing of the hair by hairdressers, the 'so-called hair treatments/advice' proffered so 'knowledgeably' by the hairdressers, now I see the light!


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