I went natural because I couldn't get the perfect afro fixed - Mane matters with Titi Dokubo

Hello Naturalistas,

Meet Titi, Shes a bundle of energy. It was so nice meeting you :) 

Straw curls

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

I am popularly called Titi Dokubo and work as Customer Care and Social Media Officer for Kinky Apothecary!
AN: What's your thoughts about natural hair?

I think Natural Hair is beautiful but requires a lot of patience and care!
AN: Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I had had enough of not getting a perfect afro fixed ever! Plus the urge to try something new!
Now I get the perfect Afro
AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned?

I wouldn’t really say I transitioned cos my BC wasn’t planned. I had braids, went to visit a friend, took out the braids and there and then, I made the instant decision to cut my hair! I went back home and my folks didn’t have any word for me. LOL. I can be spontaneous like that!

AN: Any fears about the BC?

No fears at all. Scratch that… my major fear was that everyone would think I was a child!

AN: What has your experience been?

It’s been an exciting experience though of late very boring cos I’m not good at styling my hair myself! #SadMuch. I have come to learn a lot about my hair. I can say I know some of the things she likes now more than I did before.
AN: What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?

It wasn’t something I thought about. I just did it and was prepared to live with my decision come what may! Seeing as I was already on a healthy hair journey, I felt I would just apply same to my unrelaxed hair. #Shikena!
Relaxed hair
AN: Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?

So far so good, I can say for the long haul! My spontaneity isn’t getting anywhere close to making me lose this texture and kinks! Lie lie to lie

AN: Do you have any hair regimen you stick to?

Yes I do. The same regimen every lazy naturalista sticks to or not. Lol. My regimen goes thus: Wash whenever, deep condition as the spirit leads, moisturize at least once a day (trying to be faithful to this) then seal in the moisture!

AN: What’s your go-to protective style? 

Whatever comes to my mind #Grins
AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?

Well I have never been a people pleaser and so 2 things happen when they start. I either listen to them, allow them to finish then ask “Is that all?” or I just leave them there and move on to other things! Lol
AN: What’s your must have product and accessory?

Chai! This one is hard ooo. Must have products more like it are the good old Ori, Olive oil, The Kinky Apothecary Whipped Batter (Smells divine) et al… As for accessories, I can never leave my alice bands ooo, abi is it bobby pins? Abeg, Abeg, Abeg, I can’t fit to shout. These are life savers!

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  1. It sure was nice meeting you too Tommie


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