Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 67

... Continued from last week.

I sat down, watching the movie playing right before my very eyes. Tonya is the girlfriend with natural hair, the famous Sola Matthews, my crush until 5 nanoseconds ago, was talking about? How, when, where? How did it even happen? When did they meet? So many questions, than I could even monitor, were running through my mind.

Firstly, I have never associated Tonya with dry scalp and white flakes. For Sola to have known Tonya had white flakes, they really must have gotten to the level of intimacy, maybe verbally, or play-with-lover’s-head kind of intimacy. Anyway, neither of them was not comforting to me. And this is why…

Secondly, I’m sure I must have mentioned to Tonya that I had a crush on Sola Matthews. Maybe she did not take me serious because she knew about Dimeji and I. But still… she should have told me, she should have told me when it was developing, in fact, I should have been the middleman in the whole arrangement. To think she kept it from me, I was disappointed.

Thirdly, I had been worried sick for Tonya ever since her break up with Felix, thinking she was sad and depressed, trying to wonder if I should or shouldn’t hook her up with an admirer, only to find out she had been doing things behind my back. I was sad that all my worries and concern had been for nothing. From my suspicions, I think Sola Matthews had been in the picture even when Felix was still in her life, and she only gave him a chance after she realised what a jerk Felix really was.

In fact, I was beginning to suspect that Sola was just a rebound guy for her. And if I am right, that would really be a sad one. Sola can be intrusive, at least from the little I discovered, but he seems like a cool guy, and he loves natural hair, even pays attention to details about it.

So these things and some more were my topics of meditation when I heard Sola’s voice. I had even forgotten he was there.

“I’m assuming you both know each other?”

In my mind I was like “How smart of you. Even a blind man can see that we know each other.”

Tonya said “Of course, we know each other. She is my best friend.”

“Oohh, so I am your best friend, and you conveniently forgot to tell me you had been in a relationship with Sola Matthews.”

“Wow, it is a really small world.” He said, accentuating that his TV voice that made me trip when I first heard him. Why doesn’t Dimeji have that kind of voice? Life could be so unfair at times.

“And she has had this mad crush on you since the beginning of time…”

What? Did I just hear Tonya right? What did she just say?

Jaw Drop
I took one bobby pin out of my braids and flung it at her, causing my hairstyle to look a bit different. She instantly dodged the pin, and laughed out loud.

“So you had a crush on me? That’s great. Anyway, I think your hair looks better this way, with that bobby pin out.” Sola said in his usual intrusive manner.

Tonya continued laughing, while I continued scowling.

I watched her intensely. She looked so happy. I had never seen her like this, around Felix. Maybe she being with Sola Matthews was not a bad idea, after all. Maybe he is not just a rebound guy, but something good for her. But still, she would pay for making me worry needlessly, and keeping me out of the loop all these while.

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  1. Lool . She has to pay what are frnds for if not payment

  2. Lool . She has to pay what are frnds for if not payment

  3. Loooool!!! oh, this was funny... good it went from crush to ex crush shap shap.
    kindly check out www.belleboucles.blogspot.com

  4. I have been waiting to get to the bottom of this. lol. Pay back time!

  5. @Belle, funny comment lol. She just has to pay. What! Lolz


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