Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 66

Due to frequent manipulation of my hair in the past three weeks, I decided to braid my hair into 16 parts, in order to give it a break. I must say that updos look better on me than braids and twists. Maybe it is because after so long, I have not still mastered the art of making my hair neatly. Maybe it is because of my hair texture. I am not sure. All I know is that braiding my own hair doesn’t give me my best natural hair look.

So there’s this guy I have a crush on (please, don’t tell Dimeji. I am glad he knows nothing of the existence of this diary). Anyway, it is just a crush, and nothing more. I am very content with the love of my life, and would not exchange him for any man in the world. Anyway, I digress.

This crush of mine is actually a TV personality, and I have had the opportunity to see him from afar, at two weddings, where he MC’d. Our eyes met, and nothing more. He is tall, dark, handsome, and a hunky piece of meat. The kind of person you would want as a trophy boyfriend, so you can flaunt to the world, completely ignoring his character and personality.

I was waiting at a park, passing away time before Tonya would come and meet me. I looked up, and saw this guy walking towards me. Our eyes met, and my heart flipped. I thought “Of all places, I finally see my crush in a public place.” my mind immediately flew to my hair style. I cursed the mind that told me not to heed the advice of my church member, and always look good with my hair, at all times.

He looked at me, and said “I know you from somewhere.”

I replied saying “Yes, from Funso and Yemi’s wedding,” all the while being conscious of my hair.

“Oh yes! He said. So you know Funso and Yemi. Yemi is like my best friend.” He instantly sat opposite me. At that time, all thoughts of Dimeji completely flew out as I got lost in the moment, and his eyes. What I did not know was that my right hand had unconsciously flown to my hair, and I was stroking it as he was making small talk.

Later, he asked me. “Why have you been stroking your hair? Are you nervous?”

I was taken aback, and I smiled shyly. I had made the mistake of attracting attention to what I was trying to divert attention from. I just hoped my smile would cover up for the shortcomings of my hair.

"Wait, is it itching you?" He asked.

I was visibly shocked. “No.” I said.

“I can see white flakes on your hair.”


My girlfriend has natural hair, and she has issues with dry scalp, which causes white flakes.

Ouch, my crush has a girlfriend. There goes my chance of thinking about being tempted to cheat on Dimeji. Wait, did he say natural hair.

“… so when I noticed you stroking your hair, I saw some white flakes, and felt yours was itching you, but were too shy to scratch it, or hit it like the ladies who fix weaves.”

Who thought this guy so much about hair? If he had not mentioned that he had a girlfriend, I would have said he was gay. And what right does he have to get so personal? This guy has just gone from the status of crush to former crush. To think I was feeling strange cos my hair wasn’t fine enough to impress him. Where is my Dimeji, please?

At that time, I started praying for Tonya to get there fast. In about a minute, she was there. She came straight to the table, and hugged Mr TV personality, my former crush.

Meet my girlfriend, Tonya.

Wait… what? Tonya???

What the f?

To be continued.

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