Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 65

So I was home watching natural hair youtube videos when Dimeji came around. I greeted him, and we made some small talk. From his countenance, I knew he was planning to stay the whole day. It was a mixed feeling for me, because even though I love to spend countless hours with the love of my life, I had earmarked that day for youtube videos, cos I have never really indulged in them, and I got free internet MB that would expire by 12 midnight that day.

So I decided to do a genius thing. Combine hanging out with Dimeji, and watching youtube videos. I didn’t know how that would turn out, but it was well worth the try.

After a while, I said “Hey baby, I have some free internet MB I want to use up before midnight. Let us go and watch some youtube videos.”

He gave me a look that said “I am suspecting you already,” but shrugged his shoulders, and followed me.
So I returned to continue watching the videos, held his hands in mine, and pretended to be showing interest in him, when in reality 95% of my concentration was on the videos.

I had actually prepared a list of videos I was going to watch. They ranged from hair care tutorials, to styling videos, washing, detangling, and all sorts. One by one, I worked my way down the list, with Dimeji’s hands in mine, as I tried to take not of important points being passed across in the video. I was in the middle of a washing video, when I suddenly heard…

“Anna, I give up. I can’t take this anymore!”

I looked at Dimeji, and was actually scared. I felt “Anna, you have pushed the boundaries too far, this time around.” But all I could voice out was “What happened?”

He said “It’s these videos you are watching.”

“What happened to the videos?” I tried to feign ignorance.

“What is with all the make-up?” He blurted out.

I immediately heaved a sigh of relief. He wasn’t angry that I was wasting his time watching videos, and neglecting him, after all. This guy is such a rare gem. So what was he even complaining about???

“What’s wrong with their make-up.” I remembered to temporarily forget my relief, and continue the conversation.

“It’s just not natural. I mean almost all the videos you have been watching have ladies with loud make-up. I am very sure you don’t make all your face up, just because you want to make your hair.”

“Haa, Dimeji, but it is because they are making a youtube video, and they want to look good for the camera.” I said in defence of my fellow naturalistas.

“Okay, look at this one now. This lady is washing and detangling her hair. I mean WASHING. Her face is all pancaked up. Her lips are so red. She had 1, 2, 3, 4…” he actually counted “four colours of eye shadow on her eyes. And she is washing her hair o. I can’t even see any water on her face. Is that even possible?”

“It is just for the videos.” I defended again, with less confidence this time, as I had to agree that the washing video did not make sense.

“See all I am saying is that these videos do not portray reality. As for me, I think people would relate with you more, if you are as real as possible. That way, they know you are on the same wavelength. Enough with the washing videos where no water touches your face, no conditioner drops on your ears, styling video where no hair strand is on finger or falls on your nose. Just be real.”

“Please, Dimeji. Leave them. That is the way they have chosen to do it. After all, we learn techniques and hair styles from them. So they are real enough for me.”

After about 30 seconds pause, I heard him speak again.

“Hey Anna, didn’t you say you have never been able to achieve an exact hairstyle you watched on youtube?”

At that point, if I had super powers, the stare I gave him would have lifted the laptop and thrown it on his head. I walked out, and went to my room, knowing inside of me, that he was completely right!

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  1. I to talk agree with him . It's like all those cooking shows when u watch it u think u can do it then when you try it it's another story

  2. My dear, just my thought today o! i wonder y we always want to look good in camera when our acts do nor need looking good to be real. i saw someone's pix today, she was washing her hair and the face was all made up(i mean 5050 layers of makeup) and i began to wonder "can this be real?". hmmmm. I still dey wonder o!

    1. Loooll. I think I saw the video too. Washing hair, and it looks like you are at a night club. We need to chill jo,

  3. Lol, I've never noticed. But then again, I don't watch that many tutorials.


    1. Watch the video I sent you, then you'll understand.

  4. I've noticed this too; I'm not really bothered by it either but sometimes it's a bit outrageous. I respect/admire the one or two videos I've seen where the naturalista is clearly not wearing make up. I have never been able to nail any style either..I've come to accept frizz as something that my 4c hair just does :D

  5. Dimeji spoke the truth. 90 percent of the time, the vloggers usually have so much makeup on but then its all to make it look appealing. Poor dimeji..he has suffered in the hands of Anna.


  6. Lol voila i am not alone. Styling is still difficult for me but no going back


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