Letting Kids Do Their Hair

By DiscoveringNatural
At what age did you start doing your own hair?

This was a question I posted on my Facebook page, DiscoveringNatural. Most people said around the age of 11 and 12. At one time or the other, every parent will have to determine when the right age is to start letting their children do their own hair.

Big Sis is now 9 years old and during this summer break, she has been asking for me to let her do her own hair. I finally gave up and let her do it yesterday. I recorded the process because she wanted to keep a record of it. LOL! Future vlogger in training! Watch out for the video on DiscoveringNatural channel. Click here to subscribe.

Here is the video as promised: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSf8NhfJfek&index=8&list=PLCT7rEmj0XkxOZcZVOZyyVemLBrAllJgY

So, I ask again, what age WILL YOU start to let your kids do their own hair?


  1. I feel its okay to let them do it, at least try to do it, once they start showing interest and asking like your Big Sis did


  2. Ehmmm, I started making my hair at the age of... 25! Loooll. And the only thing I can do till date is two strand twists. I had low cut almost all my life. My room mates thought me how to use bobby pin on my hair when I was in 300 level in university, cos they got tired of my asking them everyday.

    1. LOL! I started in boarding house, at 12, but actually, that was just washing it, then I had to BEG someone to do it for me. But most of the time, my School mom did it.


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