More brides are wearing their natural hair on their wedding day!

We ran a poll about brides wearing natural hair on their wedding day, on this blog, and it lasted for exactly a year.

The poll expired in may. We asked our blog visitors “Would you do a Natural Bridal Hair style on your wedding day?”

Let me quickly insert here that 70% of our traffic comes from search engines, so I therefore believe that most of the visitors are naturals, transitioning, curious about natural hair, or very interested in healthy hair care.

The option with the most votes was a surprise to me. In fact, these were the ones with the most votes, from highest to lowest. What surprised me most was how the first and second in line were very close to each other in number of votes. I thought the third option would carry the highest vote, since its a natural hair blog, which it did, but the last option would really have low votes. I am really shocked that the first option had low votes.

And here goes my inference...

Berry of African Naturalistas on her wedding day. Source
It is evident that gone are the days when ladies thought natural hair wasn’t beautiful. Many ladies are now embracing natural hair, and are even wearing it on their wedding day, which is the day a woman loves to look her best.

This change in orientation has been aided by the internet and beautiful pictures of natural hair, telling us you can were your hair in an unrelaxed state and still look great. I went for just one wedding last year, and have only gone for one this year, and both brides wore their natural hair.

Even though we still have a long way to go, letting people know that natural hair is beautiful, we have definitely come a long way.

… And this is what I call PROGRESS

In the mean time, feed your eyes with gorgeous pictures of natural hair brides here, here, and here.

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  1. Of course you used the picture where I was singing and crying my love out!

    1. Hahahaha! I wanted to ask too.

  2. If I had taken the poll I would be in the group of those not sure.
    Fast forward today and am 100% sure that I would be a natural hair bride. With all the wonderful things we can use to stlye our versatile hair.

    1. Yes, that's what I love most. The fact that its so so versatile.

  3. Definitely wearing my natural hair. Just not sure how the style I have in mind would look with the veil and if it will be frizz-free all through the day and even after the reception.

    1. You can work that out with your hairstylist. Ideally, a bridal stylist should stay with you till you walk into the church hall, or you walk into the reception, depending on the arrangement you have.


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